«Better Immobile or Ronaldo? I do not answer. To journalists I tell … “

Maurizio Sarri, guest of an event in Tuscany, spoke about Cristiano Ronaldo but not only. The statements

Guest of an event in Tuscany, Maurizio Sarri made these statements. What the former coach of the Juve.

RELATIONSHIP WITH JOURNALISTS «It’s a bit conflicting, once there were only two or three journalists following the team, now there are radios, TVs and websites. The level of professionalism has changed, especially with sites run mainly by kids with no culture or experience. However, I am not prejudiced and I respect everyone, answering everyone’s questions. Today, after a game, a coach has to do 18 interviews with different media, it’s heavy. After a victory it is clearly easier, after a defeat it becomes more difficult. We coaches would like to reduce the number of interviews, but the journalists’ goal is different. Nowadays players are used to listening to external messages as well, so when I go to the press conference I try, if the question is not obvious, to send them a message. The level of questions, however, is often not that high, before a match we talk about everything except football and I miss it ».

BEST PROPERTY OR RONALDO“I can’t answer that question, but having them both wouldn’t be bad at all.”

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