Tom Cruise and his incredible collection of cars

If you think Dianetics is crazy, you just have to see the Veyron. With almost 1,000 hp from its 8.0-litre W16 engine, this engineering marvel reached 253 mph at its introduction in 2005 (later testing put it at 268 mph). Tom Cruise he bought his that same year, and at a cost of $1.25 million, we’d be sorely disappointed if the salesman didn’t open his arms and yell, “Show me the money!” when the actor signed on the dotted line. Tom Cruise led him to the premiere of Mission: Impossible III and couldn’t get Katie Holmes’ passenger door to open, leading to some red faces on the red carpet.

Porsche 928 (1979)

The movie with which Tom Cruise made the leap to fame Risky Businesses, was both a fantasy and a horror for teenagers. For one thing, our hero had access to his father’s Porsche and a naked Rebecca De Mornay. On the other hand, there was Guido, the murderous pimp and, what is a nightmare, the Porsche fell into Lake Michigan by accident.

The porsche 928 it was originally designed to be the replacement for the 911. It was less fanciful, more luxurious and easier to drive, but the 911’s appeal lives on while the 928 got its P45 in 1995. It remains the company’s only V8 coupe mounted in the front of. The movie car was sold a few years ago for just under $50,000, but after filming, Tom Cruise went to his local dealer and bought his own 928, no wet velvet and no fish in the running boards.

Saleen Mustang S281 (2010)

Saleen Mustang S281Startraks/Shutterstock

The Saleen Mustang S281 It has up to 550 hp, thanks to the fact that Californian tuners have squeezed Ford’s V8. Few cars offer such tire-shredding capability for such a modest sum (less than $50,000). Tom Cruise uses it for his daily tasks, possibly at speeds that would force his passengers to carry the Eyes wide Shut.

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