‘Thor: Love and Thunder’: Who was Christian Bale inspired to bring to life as Gorr the Butcher of the Gods?

Next June 7th is the official premiere of “Thor: Love and Thunder”, the new film from Marvel Studios, which will mark the debut of Christian Bale as Gorr, The Butcher of the Gods. In a recent interview with the portal comic bookthe actor spoke about his participation in the film and the inspirations that helped him shape his character.

When asked about the parallel between Thor and his character, who have lost everything at the beginning of the film, he commented in the treatment of pain through humor lies the ability of his director, Taika Waititi:

“The approach is to deal with that pain, of course with a lot of humor; there’s the brilliance of Taika. And yet, it’s also about honesty in dealing with pain, love, and loss. And I think people will find this to be not only a great rollercoaster ride and an incredibly funny moment, but also very moving.”

The adaptation of the Gorr from the comics to the cinema

Gorr is a relatively new character, created in 2013 by writer Jason Aaron and cartoonist Esad Ribic, who thought of him as a muscular being, who wears a kind of thong under his huge cloak. Because Christian bale came out of making a film in which physical work was not required, a plan b was sought.

“The first time I sat down with TaikaI said “really? Let’s not go there, “the actor commented on the thong. They also forgot about the character’s musculature and focused on his superpowers, which come from his Necrosword.

The inspiration to play Gorr

To shape their characters, actors have been known to seek out role models. When asked where she got the inspiration to mold Gorr into “Thor: Love and Thunder”, Christian bale He replied that he took inspiration from a horror classic, and a music video.

“This inspiration comes from so many places that you may not even realize who you’re drawing inspiration from. But very directly, I looked at Nosferatu and Aphex Twin’s music video “Come to daddy” which is one of my favorites and from Taika”, he explained Christian bale.

Will he play Batman again?

Finally, the interviewer wanted to know if, after his return to the world of comics, he would be willing to put on the black hood and cape of Batman again. And the actor’s response was not entirely negative, but the subject left it in the field of Christopher Nolan, director of the last trilogy of the “dark knight”.

“For me that would be a Chris Nolan thing. If he ever decided to do it again and if he chose to cross my path again, then yes, I would consider it, because that was always a pact between us. We said we’d only do three and then I told myself I’d only do it with Chris.”


I understood that reference

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