This was Natalie Portman’s exercise routine for Thor: Love and Thunder

The total duration of the training was ten months including the recording period since only then would he be able to maintain such a figure. Natalie Portman’s upper body was worked three times a week with exercises for arms, back, chest, boxing, jumping and running, practically a little bit of everything. The remaining days were devoted to her recovery where she did pilates, stretching and relaxation work to avoid injuries.

Thanks to the fact that this was a plan monitored by experts, the actress did not suffer any type of fracture, although this was clearly not an easy task since she experienced severe physical pain. Getting that body requires a lot of discipline and as the Oscar winner’s schedule was very busy, the exercises had to start at 4:30 am to finish around 6:30 am and thus start her day on the right foot.

Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman

Portman initially began her preparation at home due to the pandemic, but once filming began, the routine was moved to the gym to promote results with the help of different machines.

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