This Minecraft Diorama With Realistic Designs Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today


Every fan of the game would like to have this diorama.

Minecraft has been waging war in the video game industry for many years, so much so that right now it is the best-selling video game in history, surpassing other titans such as the also immortal Grand Theft Auto V. It would be great to be able to say that this great success, As well as its incredible longevity have been due to the support that Mojang (its developers) have given, but rather we would have to say that this success is due to its incredible community. Everywhere you look you’ll find amazing creations that have something to do with Minecraft, whether it’s a hyper-realistic build within a Minecraft world itself, or something like what we are going to see next.

Specifically, today we come to talk about an incredible diorama made by a fan of the game, and that gets Minecraft a little closer to reality.

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an impressive diorama

As we have already said, and as you may have read in the title, we are here to talk about a diorama based on Minecraft and that has been made by the Reddit user known as Roman Khramov, who not only shared the final result, but also made a video in which you can see the construction process of this diorama.

Yes, it is clear that this is not the first Minecraft diorama we see, especially since it is such a well-known game that many people have wanted to immortalize it in this way, but this one has a special detail. Specifically, as you may have already seen, this diorama takes certain licenses to show us a realistic version of the art style of Minecraft itself. We can see this both in the Steve that attacks and in the two monsters that he is attacking, as well as in the wolf that we assume is helping the player. This detail manages to make this differ from the other dioramas that we have seen so far, in addition to allowing us to observe what Minecraft would be like if it opted for a more realistic graphic section, leaving aside the cubes that we all already know.

Users of this title never cease to amaze us, giving us in this case a diorama that I think every fan of this video game would want to own.

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