The singer Ariete: “Gianna Nannini has named me heir”

It is undoubtedly one of the musical phenomena of recent years. Ariesstage name of Arianna Del Giaccio, is told to Say Waaad ?! in one of the special episodes broadcast from the Martini Terrace. From the most luxurious roof in Milan, the young artist talks about herself and a particular metaphor on the mirror:

“When you look in the mirror there is that moment when you stare at yourself a little too much and notice flaws that you didn’t even think you had and there you get paranoia. So I used this action as a bit of a metaphor, it’s something we do for aesthetics but it’s a metaphor for who you are. In my interlude I say that the mirror is a tête-à-tête between what I want to see inside and what I want to avoid. I don’t know what time I took this trip but it always suits us ”.

Watch Wad’s interview with Aries below.

Ariete da Wad: “Gianna Nannini has named me his heir”. The full interview

Ariete unveils the concert schedule

In the chat you quickly get to the adrenaline of the live, for her who will be on tour all summer in every corner of Italy:

“When I sing in my concerts 18 years the karaoke effect starts, I close the live shows because it is the anthem of my life. My audience is very attached to all the pieces, I tried to put in the lineup also pieces that are morally important for me and that can be important for them too. This year with an album out there are many more things to sing and it’s nice “.

Aries: “I always forget the text of Iris”

Karaoke yes, so much so that he admits Ariesevery now and then her fans sing for her too:

“I forgot the lyrics of some songs during the lives, sometimes it’s too late when I realize it. But I’ll never want the hunchback! There is a song that I always forget and it is Iris. I do not know why”

Ariete and the meeting with Gianna Nannini

Taking up a popular game on TikTok, with the collaboration of Martina Salerno, away to revelations. From Gianna Nannini to flirting with fans, from follies for an artist to refusals of featuring:

“I turned down a feat with a few people to stay on topic, I didn’t do it out of nastiness. I turned down the feat with Myss Keta for example, but at that time I just didn’t have time ”.

“I sang with Gianna Nannini at the Artemio Franchi in Florence. She goes, “You’re really cool Ari, let’s do this piece together,” and she made me rewrite the second verse. She passed me the baton, she told me “You are my future” ”.

“I’ve never dated a fan of mine because she could have stayed there but it didn’t go through. I am of the opinion that I have to know her person anyway. Madness for live? From 5 outside the Palalottomatica for Shawn Mendes “

Aries’ favorite artist when she was little

But who is, or who was, the favorite artist of the favorite artist of so many? For those who went crazy Aries when was he only Arianna?

“I was a super fan of One Direction, even though my favorite of the group was Zane. Once they broke up I changed my musical tastes and got close to Harry Styles and his new record is beautiful. I saw it at Coachella, I went crazy. For me it is untouchablewhen I was younger One Direction was everything “

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