The legendary series ‘ER’ returns complete to HBO Max

    That medical series hook the public is something tried and tested. In the last thirty years of television history, some of the most recognized, award-winning and successful series have been developed in hospital corridors and medical consultations, narrating the personal and professional ups and downs of health professionals more or less committed to the profession: ‘House’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘Scrubs’, ‘The Good Doctor’, ‘Central Hospital’ (in Spain), ‘Doctor in Alaska’… up to the recent and sensational ‘This is going to hurt’starring the excellent Ben Whishaw.

    In that list of series we cannot miss the iconic series ‘ER’, which massively released a young George Clooney and was created in 1994 by Michael Crichton (yes, the writer of ‘Jurassic Park’, who is also a screenwriter and film producer). Lovers of historical television series are in luck since It arrives complete, in high definition and for the first time on HBO Max next Sunday, July 17.

    We are talking about the fifteen complete seasons (331 episodes of 45 minutes) of ‘ER’, which was broadcast on television between 1994 and 2009 and that it has the honor of being the most nominated in the history of the Emmy awards, with 122 nominations. From them, won 23 Emmys; in 1996 he won the one that recognized him as the Best Drama Series of the year.

    As HBO Max states in a statement, “Combining the extraordinary talents of bestselling author Michael Crichton with Peabody, Humanitas and Emmy award-winning producer John Wells (“The West Wing of the White House,” “Watch Call” ) and Emmy winner Christopher Chulack (“On Call”), the multiple Emmy Award-winning ‘ER’, explores the inner workings of an urban teaching hospital and the serious problems facing the doctors and staff of its overburdened emergency department. These medical professionals are determined to save lives in a place where nothing is taken for granted and nothing is certain… nothing except that very soon another desperate person in need of their help will be rushing through the ER door.”

    ER hbo max series

    Paul Drinkwater

    The plot of ‘ER’, which took place at Chicago County General Hospital, is clearly very current and it will reflect how the problems of saturation of the emergency service due to lack of resources, health workers and specialists is nothing new.

    In its cast, throughout the 15 seasons in which it was extended, we have not only been able to see the work of George Clooney, perhaps the most famous actor in the cast in the long run, but also that of Anthony Edwards, Noah Wyle, Julianna Margulies, Gloria Reuben, Laura Innes, Maria Bello, Alex Kingston, Eriq La Salle or Sherry Stringfield, among others… Are you already on your agenda for summer series?

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