The jazz trio Parker Drake Mirra live on 3 July in Forlì – Emilia-Romagna

At the San Domenico Arena for the Open Music Festival

(ANSA) – BOLOGNA, June 28 – The trio formed by the Americans William Parker double bass, Hamin Drake drums and percussion, and by the Italian Pasquale Mirra vibraphone, will be in concert on July 3 in Forlì, at the San Domenico Arena at 9.30 pm, in first appointment of the European training tour after the break imposed by the pandemic. It will be the preview of ‘Forlì Open Music’, the review that on 5 and 6 November will host, among others, the Franco-Japanese quartet Kaze with guest the electronic music performer Ikue Mori, then the saxophonist Chris Pitsiokos and the Sidera saxophone quartet.

Seventy-year-old from New York, Parker is considered a reference artist of the contemporary jazz scene, since his long collaborations with the pianist Cecil Taylor since the 70s, to then propose himself with his own group with critically awarded records. He has also written two books that collect evidence of his political commitment and critical work on African American music. Drake, 66, made his debut in the new Chicago jazz scene in Fred Anderson’s group then with Don Cherry, proposing his particular language on multicultural polyrhythm, not just African. In addition to being part of the Mandingo griot society of the great Gambian griot Foday Musa Suso, he has played with all the most important research jazz musicians. Considered one of the most interesting vibraphonists on the European scene, Mirra is a member of the Bolognese Collective Basse Sfere, holds masterclasses at the conservatory and has played with many improvisers, from Michel Portal to Fred Frith, from Nicole Mitchell to Tristan Honsinger, and since 2008 she has started his collaboration with Parker and Drake for festivals and concerts also in the United States. She is also part of the C’mon Tigre group. You have participated in over 40 recordings. (HANDLE).


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