The Hispanic lawyer of Johnny Depp in the trial against his ex-wife, protagonist of “Hello!”

The magazine “Hello!” has entered, in its latest issue, in the legal world and has made protagonist Camille Vasquez37, the American actor’s Hispanic lawyer, Johnny Deppin the trial against his ex-wife, Amber Heardwhich recently concluded with a full-fledged victory.

«His relentless performance in this long judicial process, carried out in the court of Fairfax, Virginia, has earned him the nickname from ‘the queen of cross-examination’ [como se define en el mundo anglosajón al interrogatorio a cara de perro] and become a reference and inspiration for many women », publishes the famous gossip magazine in an interview with «Hello! USA”, and which plays “Hello!” in Spain.

As revealed by Vásquez, born in San Francisco, California, to ¡Hello!, «My mother is Cuban and my father is Colombian, they both had to leave their countries to give my sister and me the opportunity of a better life. They are overwhelmed with emotion and happiness.”

The lawyer says that she had been working for Johnny Depp for the last four and a half years on all matters that the firm she works for, Brown Rudnick, from the State of California, handles the actor.

Lawyer Camille Vásquez, accompanying her client, actor Johny Depp, during the trial against actress Amber Heard.

His work and friendship relationship with the actor has been misinterpreted on several occasions due to the gestures of complicity and affection shown towards him during the trial. “I still get excited to think that I’ve brought him back into his life,” he declares to “Hi!”

Many pointed out that a new love story could have emerged, but they soon dissipated to see a photograph of the lawyer with her partner, a British executive.


The victory has had a direct impact on his professional life. Because as a result of the excellent result achieved in the trial, the president and executive director of Brown Rudnick, William Baldiga, Shortly after, he made public the ascension of Vásquez to partner of the firm.

“Historically, we have reserved this announcement for the end of our fiscal year. But Camille’s performance during Johnny Depp’s trial showed the world that she was ready to take the next step now. We are incredibly proud of her and look forward to what she will accomplish as our new partner.”, declared Baldiga on June 7.

Vasquez replied, “I am delighted that Brown Rudnick has given me his full vote of confidence in allowing me to join the partnership. I am proud of the exceptionally talented team I was privileged to lead, who exemplified teamwork and collaboration, and I look forward to continuing to represent Brown Rudnick’s culture of excellence.”

The lawyer, who speaks fluent Spanish, confesses to “Hello!” that she feels somewhat overwhelmed by the interest that has been aroused in her as a result of her trial.

He graduated from Southwestern Law School, in 2010, and from the University of Southern California four years earlier, in 2006.

His outstanding work was recognized at the “Ones to Watch” of the list of the Best Lawyers of 2021.

Soon he will return to court defending Depp again. The actor will face a lawsuit for aggression filed by Gregg “Rocky” Brookslocation manager of the film “City of lies” in which they both worked.

Until that arrives, Vásquez continues to work hard and with discipline while enjoying his great moment with family and friends, «I love to surround myself with people and share a good meal and a glass of wine. I am very sociable, I think that is probably my Hispanic side », he tells the Spanish magazine.

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