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Adam Sandler’s movie ‘Claw’ is causing a stir, not only for its light and entertaining plot, but also for the large number of NBA stars that are present in it and they are part of this large cast in which even stars from the past and present appear.

During the development of this production we will be able to see that parade of athletes who have generated multiple successes in basketball and that it has a faithful audience willing to support them in this new project with which they surprise more than one with their acting debut, because although their participation has more to do with their sports skills, there are also those who had to handle dialogues, as well as a series of scenes with which they captivated and surprised more than one.

That is why the public has not hesitated to take a look at this production with which there is no doubt that they will enjoy the most unprecedented, since even Juancho Hernangómez, forward of the Utah Jazz, shows that he has material for Hollywoodsince he risked starring in this film next to a great as this famous comedian is.

NBA stars who are part of the cast of ‘Garra’

The synopsis of ‘Claw’ describes the following: “When an unlucky basketball scout finds an exceptional player in Spain, he sets out to prove they can make it in the NBA.” From this premise, the public can already predict that it is a plot in which a young man seeks to materialize his dreams through a man who is willing to leave his dark past behind and with whom he wants to demonstrate that the impossible does not exist. in their life.

That’s why, if you already “got hooked” with this production, be sure to see who are the NBA stars that you can see performing and surprising their loyal audience:

Boban Marjanovic

This handsome and very tall sportsman assumes the role of an elderly player who wants to be part of the NBA Draft, but he will have to show that he still has the skills to surprise the public on the court. In real life he is center for the Dallas Mavericks.

Moritz Wagner

This blonde who is making more than one sigh is part of the team Orlando Magicbut in this production Hass is a boy who presents himself as a great basketball star, but ultimately he ends up disappointing everyone because he really isn’t fit to take on the responsibility of being part of a sports team.

Shaquille O’Neal

He is one of the most emblematic figures of basketball. He could not miss this sports tape that also leaves many lessons about what is the achievement of goals, discipline and everything that has to do with love and how he is capable of moving even the impossible in order to achieve all the dreams or goals that he has in life. His presence in this project caused nostalgia, but it showed that it also holds up very well and is just as attractive.

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