The great successor to ‘The Office’ arrives at HBO Max in a few days

Surely more than one has put you on notice, and here we are not going to be less: the first season of ‘Parks and recreation’ is not a reflection of what the rest of the series is, a bit in the style of what happens with ‘The office’. But if you manage to climb those six episodes, a diamond mine awaits you in which each episode is better than the previous one and does not loosen its quality until the final episode. And the best? That after a time lost by streaming, on July 18 arrives at his final home: HBO Max.

'Parks and Recreation': the other wonderful comedy from the creator of 'The good place'

Give me all the bacon

‘Parks and recreation’ is a perfect comedy in which each of the characters runs like clockwork, from the mythical Ron Swanson to the idealistic Leslie Knope: there is no phrase in the series that does not have the potential to be iconic, and he has the incredible ability to turn small details into recurring jokes that they are getting big with the series itself.

But in addition to a good session of laughter in each episode, ‘Parks and recreation’ is, above all, a blanket series, of those in which you adore all the characters, you notice the love with which it was made and you just want to give them a hug. Yes, even Jerry. And if you didn’t have the opportunity to see her on Amazon Prime Video, believe me when I tell you that I envy you a lot for being able to enjoy it for the first time.

Even the most cynical have to surrender to the obvious: no one can resist ‘5000 candles in the wind’, Andy and April eating a frisbee, Ron asking for more bacon, Ben creating his board game, ‘Treat Yo’self!’, Tammy 2, Burt Macklin or any of a thousand little jokes and details of each episode.

‘Parks and recreation’ is exciting, loving, funny and unique. A series of a less depressing time after which nothing like it has been done again. East July 18, Give him an oportunity. And yes, you can start with season 2.

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