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In the morning of today, June 27, the influencer and poker player Armenian-American Dan Bilzerian posted on Instagram a series of stories that analyzed the profile of Dwayne The Rock Johnsonand they wanted to point out the anomaly scarcity of views (in relation to followers) of the reels posted by the movie star on his profile.

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In first storyDan Bilzerian shows a screenshot of his profile stats, which counts approx 32.8 million followers and is focused, as can be seen from a first glance, on his lifestyle, his adventures around the world and on girls (very lightly dressed) he meets.

In second storythe number of views which can boast the various reels of the influencerwhich range (taking into consideration only those in the photo) from a minimum of 21 million of views to a maximum of 46.1 millionwhich for a profile of 32.8 million followers is an excellent result.

In third and final storywhich is also that which hinted at the possible dissingThere is the number of views of the various reels of The Rock which, the influencer emphasizes, are very scarce for a profile of 324 million of followers. The views of The Rock go in fact, in the photo taken into consideration by Bilzerian, from 1.7 million to 6.7 million.

Dan Bilzerian’s accusation of The Rock and his doubts about the famous actor

How is this discrepancy between followers and views possible? It almost seems like Dan Bilzerian is accusing The Rock of having fake followers, or an audience definitely a lot little interested in its contents.

Or, more simply, it may be that posting only semi-nude women can make a profile much more popular than posting other content. In any case, this it is not the first disagreement between the two muscular celebrities.

Already on another occasion Dan Bilzerian tried to tease The Rock commenting on his physiqueduring the podcast appearance “More Plates More Dates“:

It is obvious that you are doping … It is not healthy to sustain that level of mass. I respect what he has done, he is a beast, he is fantastic and charismatic and always ready to appear in front of the camera … He is the highest paid actor in the world, although I think he is not the best actor … But the thing I don’t like of The Rock is that he doesn’t seem to me to have a way of being himself. What’s the point of having money if you can’t say “f ***** i”? I do what I want … He doesn’t. Unless, like, he doesn’t want to play his character forever? I don’t think he is what he wants. “

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