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The Internet ensures that his conflict with Amber Heard is evident in the film.


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the judgment of Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard It had several controversial moments. One of these was when the actor assured that it was his ex-wife’s fault that he lost the tip of a finger, something his fans say there are clues about in the movie Alice through the mirror (2016).

According to internet theory, fueled primarily on TikTok, in the film the character of Johnny Depp uses a thimble because it was filmed after this altercation and the actor wanted to hide it, so this accessory became part of the Mad Hatter’s outfit.

Johnny Depp’s finger accident and his relationship with Amber Heard

according to what he said Johnny Depp on trial about a month ago, the actor lost part of his finger during a fight with Amber Heard in March 2015: The actress allegedly threw a bottle of vodka and one of the pieces hit him, so he even ended up with his finger exposed.

At the time, Depp said that he had had an accident with a door, according to him to avoid getting Heard in trouble. She, for her part, assures that it was the actor who attacked her with the same bottle and that the next day he was already missing a part of his finger that the actress did not know how she lost.

It would be logical to think that there is a relationship between the incident and Alice through the mirror, since this was released more than a year after the conflict, but things are not that simple.

Johnny Depp’s finger in the Alice movies

The accident in which Johnny Depp hurt his finger It was in Australia, in March 2015. According to the actor, the affected finger was the middle of the right hand, which coincides with the thimble of Alice through the mirror (2016), so his fans say he used it to hide the wound.

However, the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean also used in the film another thimble on the index finger of the left hand, in addition to a bandage on the thumb of the same hand. How would you explain this in relation to Amber Heard? Did she use many props to make it less obvious that he wanted to hide something?

The truth is that Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter thimbles appeared from Alice in Wonderland (2010), directed by Tim Burton; that is, 5 years before the alleged accident. This film was filmed in 2008, when the actor still did not know Amber Heard, who was already his partner when it was released.

On the other hand, Alice through the mirror It was filmed in 2014, when the actors were in a relationship but still neither married nor had the finger incident happened.

We may never know what happened the night of conflict in which Johnny Depp hurt his finger; however, there is clearly no relation between this and the image of the Mad Hatter in Alice Through the Looking Glass.

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