The best movies of the buddy film genre in history

One of the most popular genres in the world of cinema for many decades, are the films called ”Buddy Movies”, being productions that are characterized by following a couple of friends getting into all kinds of trouble. Although they are cataloged under a genre, these productions can cover stories of all kinds, from action or police movies, comedy, horror, among many others.

The plot normally shows the friendship between two protagonists who tend to have markedly different personalities, but despite this they tend to overcome the adversities that arise throughout the plot, strengthening their friendship and generating a relationship of respect for each other.

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Clarifying the concept of the genre, here is a list of the best ”Buddy Movies” that have left their mark on the big screen.

The Odd Couple (1968)

Considered the best buddy movie in history, it was the wonderful comedy written by the renowned screenwriter Neil Simon being one of the great blockbusters of the 60s. The story follows two men who can’t stand each other, having opposite personalities but who are forced to have to live together. The film cemented key aspects of the genre that would be adapted into future films.

The Blow (1973)

Film with the most charismatic couple of the genre in history, starring Paul Newman Y Robert Redford. The comedy won seven Oscars for the incredible direction of George Roy Hill, being even studying in screenwriting schools. ”El Golpe” stands out for combining film noir with comedy in a great way, with an ending that is considered a masterpiece.

Pulp Fiction (1994)

Although the second film Quentin Tarantino It is not considered as such a ”buddy movie”, the scenes starring Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield gave us one of the best moments of the subgenre. The conversations between the characters played by John Travolta Y Samuel L Jackson they have one of the best lines of dialogue in film, even being referenced today.

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Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (2005)

Featured title of the detective buddy movie starring Robert Downey Jr.prior to his era within Marvel and Van Kilmer. Although the film was a box office flop, critics cataloged it as a solid movie, being considered a cult production as the years went by.

Two Nice Guys (2016)

Movies directed by Shane Black where a commitment to black humor is made. The film is starred by a luxury duo as protagonists, with Russell Crow Y Ryan Gosling being a critical success. Crow’s character introduces one of the film’s great comedic twists, so it is best viewed in its original language.

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