The age differences of couples in 17 movies of the 90’s

The 90’s were clearly a different time.

Recently, a tweet about the age difference between Laura Dern and Sam Neill from jurassic-park.

Roxane Gay / Via Twitter: @rgay

Tweet from Roxane Gay saying “Learned today that Laura Dern was only 23 when she made Jurassic Park…ummm. Fascinating.”

And it got us thinking: How big was the age gap between the couples in some of our favorite ’90s movies? Find out what we found in this article!


My best friend’s Wedding (1997)

Tristar Pictures / Via Everett Collection

In My best friend’s Wedding, Michael and Kimmy, the couple Julianne (played by Julia Roberts) hopes to get in the way of, were almost a decade apart in real life. Michael is played by Dermot Mulroney, who was 34 at the time of the film’s release, and Kimmy is played by Cameron Diaz, who was 25.


You have an email (1998)

Warner Bros / Via Everett Collection

Before Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) fell in love with Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) in You have an emailwas dating Patricia Eden, played by the inimitable Parker Posey.

In real life, the couple had quite a wide age gap. Tom Hanks was 42 at the time, while Parker Posey was just 29.


casino (nineteen ninety five)

Universal / Via Everett Collection

casinoan intense police drama set in Las Vegas, follows the beautiful Ginger (Sharon Stone), who was married to mobster Sam “Ace” Rothstein (Robert Deniro) and having an affair with his collaborator Nicky Santoro (Joe Pesci).

In real life, both men were considerably older than Sharon Stone, who was 37 at the time: Robert De Niro was 51 and Joe Pesci was 52.


Better… impossible (1997)

Sony Pictures/Via Everett Collection

The 1997 romantic comedy Better… impossible follows Melvin Udall, a cynical and rude romance writer, who falls in love with the sweet waitress who works at the restaurant where he eats breakfast every day.

Melvin was played by Jack Nicholson, who, at the time, was 60 years old. Helen Hunt, who plays the kind Carol Connelly, was much younger, just 34 years old.


Pretty Woman (1990)

Buena Vista Pictures / Via Everett Collection

In the famous romantic comedy Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts plays They lived, a sex worker who is picked up by Edward, a handsome businessman played by Richard Gere. An unlikely but impossible to deny connection emerges between the two.

In real life, Julia Roberts was just 22 years old when the film was released, while her male counterpart, Richard Gere, was 40 years old.


runaway bride (1999)

Paramount / Via Everett Collection

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere starred together in another romantic comedy a few years later: Runaway bride. Roberts played the infamous Maggie Carpenter, known for abandoning three boyfriends at the altar, and Gere plays IkeGraham, a journalist who writes about her shady past and eventually falls in love.

In 1999, the 18-year age gap between the two was still wide, but it was much less extreme, considering that Julia Roberts was no longer in her twenties. She was 31 years old, and Richard Gere was 49.


While you were Sleeping (nineteen ninety five)

Buena Vista Pictures / Via Everett Collection

While you were Sleeping is the favorite of many lovers of romantic comedies who were captivated by Sandra Bullock’s interpretation of Lucy, a lonely, hopeless romantic who falls for the brother of the man she likes, Jack (Bill Pullman), in the midst of a troubled case of mistaken identity.

Sandra Bullock was just 30 years old at the time, while her romantic interest, played by Bill Pullman, was 41.


Poison Ivy (1992)

Ronald Grant Archive / Mary Evans / Via Everett Collection

Poison Ivyanother movie with an intentional age difference, is a sinister story about Ivy (Drew Barrymore), a disillusioned teenager who, wanting the stability of a family, tries to get into her best friend’s family by seducing her father. she, Darryl (Tom Skerritt).

While the age gap was intentional, it’s not clear if there really had to be a 41-year gap.

In 1992, Tom Skerritt was 58 years old, while Drew Barrymore was only 17.


the sacred game (1998)

Walt Disney Co. / Via Everett Collection

In the 1998 sports drama the sacred gameDenzel Washington plays Jake Shuttlesworth, the father of Jesus Shuttlesworth, the most wanted basketball prospect in high school. He has just been released from prison on parole for accidentally killing his wife and has a stormy relationship with his son, so he stays in a seedy motel, where he meets and falls in love with Dakota Barns, a troubled woman played by Jovovich mile.

In real life, Denzel was 43 years old at the time of the film’s release, while Milla was just 22.


six days, seven nights (1998)

Bruce McBroom / © Buena Vista / Via Everett Collection

In six days, seven nightsAnne Heche plays Robin Monroe, a business-focused magazine editor, as the counterpart to the unpredictable pilot of a cargo plane, Quinn Harris, played by Harrison Ford. The duo discover that despite their differences, they have a spark that is impossible to ignore.

Another thing impossible to ignore? The age difference between the actors. Harrison Ford was 55, while Anne Heche, just 29 years old, was 26 years younger than him.


in the line of fire (1993)

Bruce McBroom / ©Columbia Picture / Via Everett Collection

The 1993 political thriller, in the line of fireshows a romance between two Secret Service agents, Frank Horrigan (Clint Eastwood) and Lilly Raines (Rene Russo).

In real life, Clint Eastwood was 63 at the time and Rene Russo was 39, making for a 24-year age difference.


The ambush (1999)

20th Century Fox / Via Everett Collection

The movie about a robbery The ambush, from 1999, starred Catherine Zeta-Jones as Virginia “Gin” Baker, an insurance investigator who goes undercover to catch a suspected art thief, Robert “Mac” Macdougal, played by Sean Connery. As her web of lies grows, so does their relationship.

But the age difference in real life was quite a lot. Catherine Zeta-Jones was a 28-year-old at the time of filming, while Sean Connery, who had a career spanning decades, was 67, making for an age difference of 39 years.


An indecent proposal (1993)

Paramount / ©Paramount/Courtesy Everett Collection / Via Everett Collection

The movie An indecent proposal from 1993 is about, well, an indecent proposal made by the mysterious billionaire John Gagewho offers a million dollars to sleep with Diane Murphy, a real estate agent whose finances recently took a nosedive. Even though she was happily married, Gage manages to seduce her.

John Gage was played by Robert Redford, who was 56 at the time, and Diana was played by Demi Moore, who was much younger at 30.


a perfect crime (1998)

Warner Bros / Via Everett Collection

The age difference between the pair of protagonists of a perfect crime it’s no coincidence. the character of Emily (Gwyneth Paltrow) is set to be the young wife of a much older Wall Street businessman, Steven (MichaelDouglas).

In 1998, Michael Douglas was 54 years old, more than twice as old as Gwyneth Paltrow, who was 26 at the time.


Senator Bulworth (1998)

20th Century Fox / Via Everett Collection

Senator Bulwortha 1998 political satire, finds Jay Bulworth, a disillusioned politician, played by Warren Beatty, willing to end it all… but with the help of someone else, so his family can collect on his insurance policy. But he begins to reconsider his plans when he begins to fall in love with the young and beautiful Little girlplayed by Halle Berry.

In real life, Warren Beatty was 61 years old when the film was released, while Halle Berry was 30 years younger, at the age of 31.


little women (1994)

Joseph Lederer / ©Columbia Pictures / Via Everett Collection

The 1994 adaptation of little womenstarring Winona Ryder as Jo Marchincludes the relationship between Jo and Friedrich Bhaeran older professor who is played by Gabriel Byrne.

In real life, Winona Ryder was 22 years old and Gabriel Byrne, 44, twice her age.


How Stella got her groove back (1998)

20th Century Fox / Via Everett Collection

Technically, How Stella got her groove back It’s about an older woman who falls in love with a younger man, so the age difference isn’t exactly surprising. In fact, the age gap between the actors is shorter than the 20-year age gap of the characters they play: Stella he is 40 and Winston has 20.

Angela Bassett was 39 years old when the film was released, while her co-star, Taye Diggs, was 27.

What age difference surprised you the most? Tell us in the comments!

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