Take a breath before knowing the enormous fortune of Natalie Portman, protagonist of Thor

Natalie Portman, an American nationalized Israeli actress, director and producer, undoubtedly has a successful career, so today we reveal the numbers of her fortune. The artist is one of the few actresses who has won the four most important film awards for the same film: the Oscar, the BAFTA, the Golden Globe and the Screen Actors Guild Award for her work in “Black Swan” in 2010 These days the actress is on everyone’s lips for her work in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Natalie Portman She made her film debut as a young girl in the French film “Léon” in 1994, where she played the role of an orphan who is saved by a hitman. In the 1990s, she played several leading roles in such films as “Beautiful Girls” and “Anywhere But Here.” In 1999, while working on the filming of “Star Wars”, he entered Harvard University in psychology, specializing in educational psychology, and obtained his bachelor’s degree in 2003. He then continued his studies at Yale, where he furthered his studies in doctorate in educational psychology. Clearly the actress has a unique brain so it’s no wonder she’s made a big fortune with the. The Thor: Love and Thunder star has always been committed to the causes that she considers fair and very judicious when giving her opinion.

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