Songs chart of the hit moment June 2022

BTS tops the June charts with “Yet to come”, Black Eyed Peas also on the podium with Shakira, David Guetta and Drake


I return BTS to celebrate nine years of great success but also projected towards a future where the best is yet to come. In their new project “Proof” or three discs with 35 tracks there is also “Yet to come”That has conquered the top of this special Top 20 in the month of June 2022. In looking at the past there are mistakes, regrets but also successes and goals achieved. A long and not always easy path. With over 111 million views it is among the 10 most viewed videos in the world according to this special ranking. The video clip is directed by Yong Seok Choi and shows the K band in a desert setting where they appear in white clothes but also more sporty in jeans. A journey through time, in an open space isolated from the chaos of the city where even the leading melody at a certain point gives way to an evocative and meditative musical piece only. Second position for what we expect to be the most popular song of the summer 2022. Let’s talk about “Don’t you worry“Which sees the protagonist Shakira with i black Eyed Peas with the skilful collaboration of David Guetta, one of the most loved DJs. His pace is overwhelming and he will immediately take you to participate in some choreography launched by the clip already with over 25 million views. It can also become a real ritual towards optimism, living life without worries because everything will be fine. This is the second collaboration between the group and the Colombian singer after the one for the song “Girl Like Me” while with Guetta we remember them in “I gotta feeling”. Closes the podium Drake who launched his super hits on 17 June “Falling back“. The song focuses on a relationship that has now become one-sided where the singer gives everything without receiving anything. From being the protagonist of the life of his better half he has become only an indistinct background. “This is no time to settle on hopes that things will get better soon. Right now the priority is to recognize what happened and what is happening inside of me “ reads from the text. The video speaks for itself with the protagonist who is getting married at the same time with a group of girls to mean that no one at this moment deserves an exclusive commitment.

We continue on the decidedly rock almost punk notes of Demi Lovato that in “Skin of my teeth“First of all changes look. “It represents me so much. It’s the best I’ve ever done so far ” he declared talking about the song “Even though I wrote it in an incredibly dark time, I am so thankful that I am no longer in that cold and lonely place.” He tells us about the sometimes tortuous path of love “So Good“, The new song by Halsey. Produced by Tobias Karlsson and Max Martin and video directed by Alev Aydin this motif speaks of his memories of Alev with whom he started a family: “Alev and I first met because he had to write and make a film about my life. We started a family and now he wrote and directed this little film about our life”He declared on Instagram. Among the decidedly summery songs and full of panache we also find “Numb” from Marshmello And Khalid. Five years after the song “Silence”, a new collaboration and very pleasant video returns with pool parties and moments of relaxation under the rays of the sun. In seventh position we find a real musical cyclone of the moment with over 138 million views thanks to Bad Bunny who launched “Tití me preguntó”Taken from the latest album“ Un verano sin ti ”. After having had many girlfriends, the protagonist is kidnapped and taken to a rural estate where he can marry a special woman …

We continue on the suggestive notes of “NASA“Fruit of the collaboration between Camillo And Alejandro Sanz. The duo came up with an emotional ballad that talks about love but also about jealousy and forgiveness with the desire to have a button on the chest that can erase the memory of the heart. Following “Dope“, The refined single by John Legend where he collaborates with hip hop artist JID. “I love the energy of this song… JID is one of my favorite artists on the hip hop scene. I hope that for many people the song is part of this summer’s soundtrack “ declared the singer while evocative atmospheres typical of a seventies party appear in the video.

For lovers of the reggaeton genre we start with “Nos comemos vivos”The new success of Maluma in collaboration with Chencho Corleone. A mix of emotions between love, pain, lust, passion and adrenaline in this single that will be part of “Love & Sex Tap”, the new album. We continue in the wake ofAlkool singing from Yll Limani with Noizy highly rated with over 12 million views. Couldn’t miss it Natti Natasha in the company of Daddy Yankee, Wisin And Yandel with the song “Mayor que usted”And the new hit by Rauw Alejandro who released the remix of “Loco por perrearte“With De La Ghetto.

Other dance songs could not be missing in a ranking with decidedly summery connotations. And so space a Inna that with Ilkay Sencan promises to make us dance to the rhythm of “Talk“But also to”Stay the night”Which tastes like a real hymn to the sunniest season sung by Sigala with Talia Mar. The other song that sees the protagonist is also suggestive and with an excellent mood Inna that is to say “Magical love“. “I want you to feel the magical love every time you listen to the song and share it wherever you go. We are love! “ said the Romanian singer who also pointed out how the piece makes you dream and relaxes.

Two great super artists featured in our new playlist. The first is Rita Ora that in “Finish line“Realizes a real hymn of female emancipation in support of” 37 Words “a docu-series broadcast on ESPN in four parts. An initiative that falls on the 50th anniversary of the approval of Title IX, the federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on sex in any educational institution that receives federal funding and offers women equal opportunities to gamble. The second is a ballad by Avril Lavigne by title “Breakaway“In the lyric video. This is the cover of Kelly Clarkson’s song to celebrate her 2022 album.

June is a month of sea, sun, daydreams, cocktails at sunset and some beautiful songs as the soundtrack for these pleasant moments of relaxation where you can savor the taste of a summer that has just bloomed? The sound of “Call me every day”Seems to be done on purpose. Result of the collaboration between Chris Brown and the Nigerian superstar Wizkid which enriched the music with very suggestive Afrobeats influences.


  1. BTS – Ye to come (The most beautiful moment)
  2. Black Eyed Peas, Shakira, David Guetta – Don’t you worry
  3. Drake – Falling back
  4. Demi Lovato – Skin of my teeth
  5. Halsey – So good
  6. Mashmello, Khalid – Numb
  7. Bad Bunny – Tití me preguntó
  8. Camilo, Alejandro Sanz – NASA
  9. John Legend feat. JID – Dope
  10. Maluma, Chencho Corleone – Nos comemos vivos
  11. Ilkay Sencan x Inna – Talk
  12. Yll Limani x Noizy – Alkool
  13. Natti Natasha x Daddy Yankee x Wisin & Yandel – Mayor que usted
  14. De La Ghetto, Rauw Alejandro – Loco por perrearte remix
  15. Butrint Imeri x Tanya x Mozzik – Pare
  16. Rita Ora – Finish Line
  17. Avril Lavigne – Breakaway
  18. Sigala, Talia Mar – Stay the night
  19. Inna – Magical love
  20. Chris Brown ft. WizKid – Call me every day

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