So are the twins of Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth




the twins of Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth, Tristan and Sasha, made their red carpet debut for the first time by accompanying the couple to the premiere of the movie ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, starring the actor. They did not want to miss out on such a special date and became the center of attention, stealing the spotlight from their father.

Some little men are already made, they have just fulfilled eight years. As the Spanish told, Sasha is the calmest and most affectionate while Tristan is more rough and independent. “It competes more with India Rose (the oldest of the brothers),” Elsa Pataky assured in an interview.

They have been raised in a unique enclave: in the peaceful town of Byron Bay, on the Australian east coast, surrounded by nature and animals.

The entire family moved there in 2015 after deciding they didn’t want to live in a place like Los Angeles because of media harassment. In addition, Pataky always dreamed of residing in a place in full communion with nature. And so he has done with the handsome Hemsworth. “There we are locals and we lead a very normal life. I grew up in the city but I always enjoyed more in the countryside, with the animals. I am trying to give my children what I have always wanted », he said in an interview with ABC in 2017. They are like a kind of farmers, as the eldest of his children usually says.

Always between animals and barefoot, the twins, like India Rose, enjoy a very different environment than they would have lived in the big city. They have donkeys, horses, ponies, chickens, rabbits, fish and even a bearded dragon. In total about 70 species live with them on the farm.

Marriage has also made them aware of the importance of take care of the environmentvery much in line with the residents of Byron Bay.

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