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Several Mexican clubs searched for Salvio before Pumas, but never reached an agreement. Of those who were most on track was the Americabut they moved away as soon as the gender-based violence quarrels surrounding the Argentine midfielder were uncovered, since they do not plan to hire players with these kinds of accusations.

Last April, Magalí Aravena, who had a relationship with Salvio for 13 years, in which they had two children, denounced the player for having run over her for finding him with his new girlfriend, Sol Rinaldi. In Argentina it was quite a scandal when the videos of the incident were shown in Buenos Aires. “You wanted to kill the mother of your children for a mine. I just wanted to talk ”, it was revealed after the model wrote to the footballer by whats.

Even when America was looking for Berterame, it turned out that the former Atlético de San Luis striker and Toto share the same representative, Agustín Jiménez, who offered the Águilas board that if they acquired the Aleti scorer, he would put them in the package Salvio’s yes. The feathered ones did not fall. Within Boca, especially Riquelme, they accuse the promoter of having strained the negotiation by offering their player everywhere, despite the fact that they were already negotiating the renewal.

Salvio with the mother of his children, Magalí Aravena

El Toto with his new girlfriend, Sol Rinaldi, a fan of Boca Juniors


What work of Don Andrés Luciano Lillini in Cougars. Not only did he guide a squad of low value in the market, plagued by young people, to Final paths, fighting and achieving better positions than the usual powerful ones, but today his hand is noticeable in bringing splendid signings such as Del Prete and Salvio, to a club that does not have the ability to fire bills. In addition, he convinced Aldrete, gave Dinenno, Diogo and Chispa calm to stay, while he continues to consolidate the Cantera kids. Teacher.

About Toto Salvio, what a laugh with those tweeters who, for wanting to post the news, throw themselves like a fat man on a slide: “it is signed”, “it is official”, exhibiting their ignorance due to the times of the negotiation, since they have neither stamped their signature nor The club has announced it. I’ll explain.

In Boca, Riquelme assured the press that they wanted him “for a long time”, but the new proposal was only sent to him last week, knowing that his contract expires this Thursday; They didn’t give him a win financially.

Thus, with Libertadores at the door, just on Thursday against Corinthians, let’s see if the Xeneize club behaves kindly to Toto to release him before and that he can already travel to Mexico, because legally he continues to be his player until that day. For all that there is no signature nor is it official, but there are fans that get hooked on every unpresentable thing to read. What there is is an arrangement (use the correct words) for two years; he will arrive free and with a much better salary than in Argentina.


The ones who continue to celebrate are my smurf compas, who by winning the Ultra Mega Super Champions Cup organized by Televisa and the Meme X League, already feel that they saved the year. Congratulations! They say that for the following season they are already thinking about the Arch Finalissima MX between the club that adds the most shirt changes with the rival against the last monarch of a leap year. Geniuses.

What is still strange is that if the league endorsed this match against Atlas as official, it allowed Aguirre to lead Blue Cross, because the club has not yet settled its debt with Reynoso after brushing it off. The regulation establishes that until the previous technician is finished, the new one cannot be registered in an official duel.

They told me that the directors of La Maquina know that the Peruvian National Team has already looked for the coach and they are waiting for him to take over, so that he will give up what they owe him. They also know that if the Peruvian raises the complaint in Doña Fede he will put on a ‘non grata’ sign in Mexico. Of course, without a settlement Aguirre could not direct, but ‘feel your League Meme X’.


Others who have debts before starting the Apertura are the Braves, who have very hot former players and have already threatened to complain in Doña Fede; if they cause controversy, Ciudad Juárez cannot start the tournament by regulation.

They tell me that these non-payments are not due to not having wool, but because some shareholders have not wanted to contribute their own. They bring a relaxation in the internal assembly, because despite the fact that the majority owner is Paul Foster, husband of Alejandra de la Vega, there are other minorities who must also pay and even sign to release payments, but with the relaxation in the socialite of the city ​​brought by Álvaro Navarro, the ex-husband of the owner’s sister, and who remains on the council, there are those who do not want to participate until they are completely expelled from the team. What a mess.


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