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Roberto Garcia, ex-boyfriend of a sister of the singer, told “EsDiario” that the defender would have asked for a large sum to start some entrepreneurial activities in the Bahamas and Colombia, but she, advised by her family, said no. Thus, details emerge on the difficult relations between the star and the Catalan environment

That of betrayal now seems only the tip of a large iceberg. Behind the separation between Shakira and Gerard Piqué many other reasons would be hidden, which are gradually emerging from the stories of those who knew them. A question of money and the Catalan environment of the defender who had never accepted the singer, while Piqué himself was exasperated by her dependence on her parents, who always had the last word on everything. A set of different reasons would thus explain why the two had lived apart for some time, with the relationship that gradually cooled down, until his betrayal with a waitress in his early twenties and the inevitable announcement of farewell on the 4th. last June. Even custody of the children remains an open question, because Shakira would like to move permanently to Miami, Florida, while Sasha and Milan were born and raised in Catalonia and very close to their paternal grandparents.

Much of the background is the result of the words of Roberto Garcia, ex-boyfriend of one of the Colombian star’s sisters, Lucila Mebarak. Today the man is no longer part of the family and he told the Spanish newspaper EsDiary of an economic issue that had considerably affected the relationship in recent months. The defender would have asked for a large sum to start some business activities in the Bahamas and Colombia. Shakira would have rejected the request only after a consultation with her parents, a refusal that would have exasperated Piqué, with the accusations referring to her relationship with her family, consequently generating increasingly frequent discussions and quarrels, just enough to irreparably ruin the relationship. “She doesn’t do anything without her – explained the ex-brother-in-law -. They oversee much of her life. ‘ Furthermore, there would also have been misunderstandings about the possibility of a marriage, after 11 years of relationship. «Shakira told us this – continues Garcia – After noticing Piqué she understood that she could be the father of her children, but never her husband. She confessed to us that she would never marry him. ”

To all this is added, according to the Spanish media, too the cold welcome from the world of Blaugrana “wags”, the wives of Piqué’s teammates who would never have accepted her willingly, because they remained close friends with Nuria Tomas, his ex. Even many other friends of the football player would never have accepted Shakira, labeling her with the contemptuous nickname of “patroness”. And it seems to have been the relationship with Lionel Messi’s wife, Antonella Roccuzzo, is also very bad. From his point of view, it would have been the singer who refused to “mix” with his circle of friends, maintaining a snobbish and detached attitude over the years. “Negotiations for the children could be very tough”, people close to the ex-couple told the Spanish newspapers. After having endured a hostile environment for years, Shakira, however, seems to want to seize the opportunity to return overseas, thanks to her definitive separation, and forever end a painful page of Catalan life thousands of kilometers away from her ex-partner. her.

What’s more, according to the program “El gordo y la flaca”, which airs on Univisión, the singer would have prevented the former partner from entering the house in Barcelona that they shared until a few months ago. According to the reconstruction, Piqué went to the woman’s house to visit the two children to be able to accompany them to school. At the garage door, however, he found an unexpected situation: he was not allowed access. Piqué waited a few minutes in the car sending messages from his smartphone, but when he noticed the presence of reporters and paparazzi – who have been stationed under the house for weeks now – he preferred to leave, returning after a few minutes when the singer’s van appeared with Milan and Sasha. At that point Piqué was allowed to enter and the children got into their father’s car.

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