Paco Len reveals a curious anecdote during a shoot with Nicolas Cage, in ‘La Resistencia’

Paco Leon has been in charge of closing a new week of interviews in ‘The resistance’. The actor went to the space of David Broncano in Movistar +, as part of the promotion of your new projecta film with which the Sevillian has made the leap to Hollywood and that is his first experience on the big screen in the United States.

The film is titled ‘The unbearable weight of an enormous talent‘, a self-parodic comedy about Nicolas Cagewith whom he has had the opportunity to share a set.

León appeared on the set of ‘La Resistencia’ with his usual appearance to talk about this new project, however, the aspect that it presents in the images of the feature film is very different to which we are accustomed, and it is that the interpreter shines in the film the platinum blonde hair and is shooting right and left all over the island of Mallorca.

‘The unbearable weight of a huge talent’ hits theaters this Friday, June 17and during his visit to Broncano, Paco Leon not only wanted to talk about what viewers will be able to see, but also what they haven’t seen and has told an anecdote of the funniest and most uncomfortable thing that happened to him during filming in the presence of Nicolas Cage himself.


Paco León has never hidden the fact that his level of English is well below what he would likea small problem, which led him to star in a moment as funny as it was uncomfortable during the filming of ‘The unbearable weight of an enormous talent’, with Nicolas Cage.

A sequence of both. And suddenly, with the learned texts, the director says from the fifth pussy ‘(indecipherable words)'”, then the actor had to apologize and explain that he had not understood what the director had said: “‘ Sorry, I don’t understand’. Everybody quiet. Nicolas Cage, just like ‘pfff’, the assistant director arrives and tells me ‘(indecipherable words)’, and me like this and Nicolas Cage looking at me and says ‘baby, shoot’, how do you do your thing“, Leon continued explaining, however, the thing did not end after the moment ‘earth swallow me’ of the creator of ‘Carmina y Amén’, but Paco also confessed that while everything was happening had a most curious and crazy thought in which the ‘La Resistencia’ program was involved.

So, suddenly you want to believe that I thought… I mean, I’ll laugh about this when I go to ‘La Resistencia’ to tell it and now I’m going to die“, the guest confessed humorously, “now I want the earth to open up and eat me and I want to disappear”, he acknowledged about the uncomfortable moment.

Broncano wanted to know if, despite everything, he had finally managed to find out what the director had said of the film, to which he answered yes: “yes, yes, then it was silly”even so, the bad time that happened is not taken away by anyone, and the fact is that the masks did not help much to understand the language either.

“Of course, with the masks and everything, with a Hollywood star and me feeling like an impostor saying ‘What am I doing here?'”Leon concluded.

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