Nicolas Cage gets the thorn out of Hollywood with his best weapon

Years ago Nicolas Cage ceased to be a star of major Hollywood productions. After winning his Oscar for leaving las vegasbecome an icon of action cinema with titles like The rock either with Airget behind the cameras in Sonnybring us the best of adventure and entertainment with The Quest, and feature in acclaimed titles like The Lord of the war, little by little it ended up displaced to series B productions, to be an obsession of memes on the internet and to end up relegated to the drawer of fallen icons. But this he never meant that Cage’s talent was extinguished, as he has just shown with his latest film.

Nicolas Cage in 'The Unbearable Weight of Extraordinary Talent' (Photo. Katalin Vermes/Diamond Films)

Nicolas Cage in ‘The Unbearable Weight of Extraordinary Talent’ (Photo. Katalin Vermes/Diamond Films)

I speak of The unbearable weight of a huge talent, a crazy action comedy focused on self-homage and self-parody where the actor plays himself. His proposal stems from the same situation that Cage has been facing in recent years, that of a penniless actor forced to accept an eccentric job in Spain to stay afloat. But what at first is a mere appearance at the birthday of a millionaire obsessed with him, will end up leading to a network that involves the CIA and the mafia.

To be honest, it is still another low-cost production that moves in the field of the B-series thriller, very much in line with the films that the actor has starred in all these years. You just have to see the plot so surreal with the obsessed billionaire, the mafia, a kidnapping of the daughter of the president of Catalonia and even our Paco León playing a very crazy villain, not to mention its sequences with chaotic and sloppy action . But this ultimately remains in the background, because the references, tributes and parodies to the career of Nicolas Cage are so great that they end up winning the movie.

But the best thing is how well the actor has a good time entering this game. Not only showing passion, drive and fun in his work on screen, but also with the effort he puts into honoring his legacy, taking a tour of all the good and bad that has surrounded his career and showing all its different facets on screen. And all this gives rise to an interpretive recital that is pure ecstasy for all those who at some point enjoyed Cage’s career, both for those who adored his dramatic side, those who prefer his role as an action hero and even those who admire the memes and his journey through series B.

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Though What I am left with is that Cage has once again shown outstanding acting talent, playing with the different versions of himself with a variety of incredible registers that go through comedy, drama or dark intensity. And this, added to the reflection and tribute that there is in The unbearable weight of a huge talent about the actor’s career, it should be enough to make the Hollywood industry reflect that Cage deserves a new opportunity in the high ranks, those from which he was relegated and to which he has even been afraid to try to give them a new opportunity.

And it may be that here, due to this referential nature, it is clearer than ever, but in recent years he already gave us enough examples to prove it. It was the case of Pig, the film that premiered in 2020 and that captivated critics as it had not done so in years. In fact, he was even nominated for Best Actor at various critics’ associations in the United States, such as the San Francisco and Los Angeles critics or the Critic Choice Awards. Furthermore, in the past decade, just at the moment when he began to fall into that spiral of bizarre productions, he also left us with performances to remember, like the one he did in joe by David Gordon Green.

And it is that Cage’s talent has always been there and right now it stands as his best weapon, although we have limited ourselves to looking at him as an icon of series B and internet memes. And maybe after works like this in The unbearable weight of a huge talent things take a turn again. In fact, Universal has already wanted to count on him to play Dracula in Renfield, a horror blockbuster about this character from the novel by Bram Stoker. Quite a candy to show Hollywood that the Nicolas Cage that gave them so much success in the past is back.

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