Minecraft – Mangroves: Where to find this biome and tree seeds?

Among the novelties introduced by patch 1.19 “Wild Update” of Minecraft, we found in particular a new biome that many are struggling to find. This is the Mangrove Swamp, also called “Mangrove Swamp” in English, and it is full of resources and news. In this guide, we explain how to access it, but also what you can find.

Mangrove Swamp Biome: How to find it?

The Mangrove Swamp is quite a difficult biome to find, however it is recognizable from miles away. It is generally found in desert or swampy regions, it can also be located on the savannah side. Sometimes it can be very far from the position you are in and therefore you will have to go a long way.

The easiest and most effective way to get there is to locate it with the following command:

  • /locate biome mangrove_swamp

It will show you the precise coordinates of the center of the mangroves and you will only have to arrive. But again, a command allows you to teleport there directly:


This is the biome

Like the other biomes and in particular the new Abyss biome, the Mangrove Swamp is very different from the usual areas since it not only has unique blocks that allow you to perfect your constructions and other more or less sophisticated systems, but also a fauna and Flora.

The main blocks you can find there are:

  • mangrove leaf
  • muddy mangrove root
  • mangrove root
  • mangrove wood
  • Mangrove wood without bark
  • Debarked mangrove trunk
  • Mud
  • spongy floor

All of these items can be used to create new items.


In addition to these unique looking blocks (which allow you to create equally unique furniture and buildings), some special creatures and plants only appear in this location:

  • The mangrove tree, one of the rarest types of trees in Minecraft capable of growing in water
  • Bees, found near their nests on top of mangroves or near water.
  • Warm frogs, one of only three types of frogs in Minecraft
  • Fireflies, which are usually found throughout the mangrove at night
  • tadpoles
  • multiple tropical fish

How to find seeds and grow a mangrove tree?

Unlike more conventional trees, the mangrove cannot be planted manually from seed. You will need to get your hands on a mangrove seed, a shoot that falls from the leaves of the trees from which they originate.


Once you have this mangrove sapling, all you have to do is manually plant it under water or in any type of soil and it will gradually begin to grow. The particularity of the tree is that it adapts perfectly to all types of soil and environment, so don’t be afraid to plant it even in a non-warm place: it will grow!

On the other hand, it is important to note that this rare tree may take longer to grow than more common trees. Therefore, you will have to be patient, or else use Bone Powder to speed up its growth.

Minecraft patch 1.19 added a lot of content to the game, including changes and improvements to frogs and tadpoles. We explain how to find, feed and breed them in this guide!

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