Maverick’ at the top of the box office

The latest fundraising data Top Gun: Maverick they are like to have very happy Tom Cruise, who has achieved the highest grossing film of his entire stellar career precisely at such a difficult time for cinematographic exhibition as the current one.

Last weekend, the film directed by Joseph Kosinski surpassed the barrier of one billion dollars in box office worldwide, of which more than half (521.7 million dollars) correspond to the US box office, where Top Gun: Maverick It is being an unstoppable torrent without showing almost wear and tear until four weeks after its premiere.

Some dizzying figures that are contributing to American movie theaters beginning to see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. The success of the sequel top gun It’s more significant when you consider that it was one of those titles constantly delayed by covid, which Cruise himself fought not to stream as he wanted. paramount but to wait for the moment when it could be released in theaters, as he explained at the Cannes Festival.

Tom Cruise, in total movie star mode, has always had good words for the public of his films and the exhibitors who maintain the cinematographic experience in theaters. To both, as well as to the other films on the bill, he has sent a powerful message of thanks after the latest box office figures in the US that has not taken long to go viral on social networks.

“To all the movies in the billboard, to all the studios and to all the exhibitors: congratulations. To all the public: thanks for coming out and letting us entertain you. See you at the movies,” wrote Tom Cruise. A tweet that exceeds 124 thousand ‘likes’ and has more than 10 thousand retweets, showing that, beyond the controversies of his private life and links with Scientology, Tom Cruise is a true movie superstar.

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