María Félix set fashion in the Golden Cinema with this necklace and this famous Hollywood actress used the same accessory

the mexican actress Maria Felixbetter known dome “Pretty Mary” either “The Lady”, was recognized for her unparalleled beauty, her talent as an actress and her great personality. However, she also stood out for her elegance and great taste, since she always set fashion with her outfits and accessories.

In fact, her influence was so great that on one occasion the American actress meryl streepwho is famous for participating in films like “Mamma Mia” either “The Devil Wears Prada”used the same necklace as La Doña during a well-known film award.

Where did Meryl wear the necklace?

During the Oscars of the year 2007the American actress was nominated for “Best actress” thanks to his role in “The Devil Wears Prada”, where she played Miranda Priestly. That was when she showed off the necklace that belonged to La Doña and she surprised everyone with her great jewelry.

Said orange necklace with silver was made with gold, 18 carat onyx stone and diamonds and the American combined it with a black outfit with emerald green. In addition, she accompanied with small earrings, light makeup and her loose hair.

That evening, even with the glamorous necklace and elegant outfit, Meryl did not win the award and her partner took it Helen Mirrenwho was nominated for the film “The Queen”.

Meryl Streep during the 2007 Oscars. (Credits: Special)

How did you get La Doña’s necklace?

According to various reports, the necklace Meryl used belonged to Maria Felix and was auctioned in 1996 at Geneva, Swisswhere the American is believed to have acquired it.

However, after the actress posed with the necklace of the ladyAt that award ceremony, said accessory was not seen again, so the current owner is unknown, since it was auctioned again.


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