Line 1 of the CDMX Metro will close for maintenance work

The Government of Mexico City announced this Monday that Line 1 of the Metro, which goes from Observatorio to Pantitlán, will have closures at all its stations so that maintenance and “modernization” work can be carried out on them. The closures will be in phases beginning in July.

The announcement was made at a press conference by the capital’s head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum; the director of the Metro, Guillermo Calderón, and the secretary of Mobility, Andrés Lajous.

“This closure is essential because there has to be a comprehensive modernization of Line 1,” Sheinbaum told the media.

Among other items, the works will include changes of tracks, modernization of piloting systems and introduction of new trains. This will imply an investment of more than 36 billion pesos.

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First phase

The first phase of work will begin on July 9. For this, the section from Pantitlán to Salto del Agua will be closed.

The director of the Metro said that this phase is expected to last about eight months and conclude in February 2023.

To support the users of Line 1, buses from the Passenger Transport Network (RTP) will be deployed to cover this route, informed the Secretary of Mobility. In this task, 220 units will be used and, with the use of the integrated mobility card, those who must use other systems will not be charged for transfer.

Second stage

The authorities reported that the second phase will begin approximately in March 2023 and will end in August. It will include from the Balderas station to the Observatorio terminal.


Sheinbaum said that his administration prepared for two years for these works, which he considered necessary because Line 1 has been in operation for more than 50 years.

The main objective is to improve the service of a line currently used daily by some 500,000 people.

For this, it seeks to introduce 29 new trains, reduce the incidence of failures, speed up the passage of trains and that the complete route from Pantitlán to Observatory can be done in about half an hour, when it currently takes 45 to 50 minutes, he said. the director of the Subway.

The information on the works will be available on the website La Nueva Línea 1.

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