Kelly McGillis, the great absent from ‘Top Gun: Maverick’: why does not appear in the sequel? and what became of her? – Movie News

Kelly McGillis played the lead female character in the first installment alongside Tom Cruise. We tell you what has become of the actress since we met her in the 80’s classic.

In top gunKelly McGillis was Charlie Blackwood, the instructor who made flying ace Pete Mitchell, played by Tom Cruise, laugh. Her character is unforgettable, but it is possible that you have overlooked what became of her after the 80’s classic. And it is normal because since her memorable performance she has not participated in any blockbuster of such magnitude. Now that it’s released Top Gun: Maverick It is time to review his career and his statements without mincing words.

“I’m old and I’m fat. I have a normal physique for my age, and I don’t think that’s what the movie needs”declared the actress in 2019 to Entertainment Tonight about her absence from the film, “I’d rather feel good about myself and my age than care about all these other things. […] However, I am not going to run to the cinema to see the movie, nor avoid the cinemas to not see it. It’s just not in my priorities“.

The actress is not afraid to confess that the sequel to top gun It is not something that worries him too much and, at the same time, the producers of the film did not want to use the same characters from the first part. They wanted to change the cast and McGillis was one of the planned absences. “Bringing back the female characters from the first film was not part of our plans”director Joseph Kosinski said in an interview with Variety, “I didn’t want all the stories of Top Gun: Maverick they headed to the past. It was important to bring in new characters.” And so Jennifer Connely, who is the lead’s love interest, came into play.

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What has Kelly McGillis been up to all these years?

A few years after being Charlie, he participated in The Carroll Street House (1987), a Peter Yates film with Jeff Daniels and Mandy Patinkin, and later worked with Jodie Foster in defendants (1988). After these projects, the actress’s career focused on more modest productions, although they stand out Winter People (1989) and the cat hunter (1998) by Abel Ferrara. He later turned to television, mainly in TV Movies and with sporadic roles in series like L. either Z Nation.

Interestingly, he returned to work with Val Kilmer, a partner in top gunin At first sight, a romantic film also starring Mira Sorvino. McGillis has not stopped working, but no other production in her filmography is on the same level as top gun. Beyond the cameras has worked with drug and alcohol addicts at a rehabilitation center in Bridgeton, New Jersey. She also teaches acting in Asheville, North Carolina..

On a personal level, she is the mother of two daughters from her marriage to Fred Tillman, which began in 1989 and ended in 2002. In 2009, she publicly declared herself gay in an interview with SheWired. In 2010, she married Melanie Leis, whom she met in 2000, but they separated the following year.

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