Johnny Depp and his impressive change of look to close cycles

What would our lives be without the latest updates? Johnny Depp? And it is that, although he does not try, the 59-year-old actor knows how to get our attention, that is why his radical change of look shows us that for him the chapter is already closed with Amber Heard.

After coming out totally victorious in the defamation trial against his ex-wife (and the one that almost cost him his career), the Pirates of the Caribbean interpreter has taken some time for himself and has returned to one of his great passions: music. Let us remember that just when the six-week high-profile trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard the actor unexpectedly joined his friend’s tour Jeff Beck in LondonAnd he looked happier than ever.

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The extravagant change of look of Johnny Depp

As expected, the multifaceted actor decided to restart this new chapter of her life on the right foot and wanted to close cycles in the most common way possible, with a change of look! According to international media reports, after winning the verdict, the actor decided to get rid of all the suits of the trial to leave him behind in every way.

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