Jennifer Lopez’s daughter first and now Ben Affleck’s daughter; both connect by the non-binary gender and accompany each other

During the Dodgers Foundation benefit gala, Jennifer Lopez surprised by presenting her 14-year-old daughter, Emme Maribel Muniz, using inclusive language. This speaks clearly that JLo and Marc Anthony accept the non-binary gender condition of Emme Muniz openly. The world a few days ago is talking about it and all the portals have echoed. Now Seraphina, daughter of Ben Affleck seems to follow in the footsteps of Emme.

Emme Muniz, is quickly becoming a symbol of inclusion without even trying. After making a big debut at his mother’s halftime show, Jennifer Lopez, on this occasion, and being June the month of LGBTIQ+ pride, he took advantage of his mother’s invitation to get on stage with a microphone that had the colors of the community flag. The truth is that the subject is openly discussed in JLo’s home, which his family and Ben Affleck’s will soon share.

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