If Johnny Depp Hadn’t Been Jack Sparrow, Disney Had These Other Options To Star In ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ – Movie News

In an alternate reality, these actors could have played the indomitable pirate Jack Sparrow. These are the names that the company was probing to lead its saga.

for many fans it would be unthinkable another actor who was not Johnny Depp to bring to life the indomitable Jack Sparrow, the protagonist of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga. But the truth is that Disney was looking at and considering several great actors for the main role of Gore Verbinski’s film, and more than one was an appetizing option.

While the question remains whether Depp will return to the saga as the popular pirate, we can investigate what would have been the Jack Sparrow of other alternative realities. These were the options that the company was considering in addition to the star of Eduardo Scissorhands.

Matthew McConaughey

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Before Depp was even an option, Disney was sorely tempted to give whatever it took to get Matthew McConaughey to star in the film. The reason was his great resemblance to Burt Lancaster, which was the inspiration for the character that appears in the attraction on which the film is based.

Robert DeNiro

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Another one of the first names that Disney was trying to hunt down to have a recognizable star on the poster was Robert De Niro. When the project was still in its early stages, he was offered the role of Sparrow, although he turned it down thinking the film would be a flop, like other pirate films that had been released previously.

Jim Carrey

Cine Sorbonne

One of the alternatives that was closest to coming to fruition was that of Jim Carrey. The studio loved the comic actor, and he was very attracted to the role. However, the shooting coincided with that of Como Dios, and he ended up opting for the latter before the pirates. Interestingly, it is not the first time that the Canadian has been close to taking a role from Depp, since he was also considered to star. Edward Scissorhands.

Cary Elwes


The famous Westley of The Princess Bride was close to adding another iconic role to his resume. It may not have been a success though, as Disney wanted Cary Elwes in case the film was ultimately destined for a straight-to-home video release instead of theatrical release.

Christopher Walken


Another of the most curious options, studied as an alternative to Carrey. Christopher Walken was also weighed when the film was going to go directly to VHS, since Disney was on edge over the latest failure of Bears at full speed, another film based on an attraction in their parks.

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