He cut short Raúl Jiménez’s career and now fate charges David Luiz

Karma came to David Luiz after injuring Raúl Jiménez
Karma came to David Luiz after injuring Raúl Jiménez

Different destinations were marked after the injury that marked the end of 2020 for Raúl Jiménez, as the Mexican took 9 months to return to stepping on a pitch, while his aggressor David Luiz changed his life drastically.

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Currently, the Brazilian defender is in his country’s soccer playing with Flamengo the tournament where the team received several criticisms, selling and losing and opportunity to seek the title in the Brazilian league.

In international tournaments David Luiz has not done well with Flamengo either, because the last tournament of the Copa Libertadores lost the final and now it is true that they are in the second round of the new edition, it is doubted that they can go further than last year.

Karma came to David Luiz

The Brazilian’s life changed drastically after injuring Raúl Jiménez, who, although he has not recovered the same level, remained in the Premier League, while the Brazilian David Luiz begins to be relegated to oblivion in Brazil.

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