Halo Infinite has a new problem, but its authors give us bad news regarding its correction

Players have reported a bug with the online sync, but 343 Industries will get to it later.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer continues to be presented as a great option for shooter lovers, but its evolution has not been as satisfactory as expected from 343 Industries. Its Season 2, under the name of Lone Wolves, premiered with Xbox Series S performance improvements and handful of bugs fixedbut has also received criticism from the community because of the problems found in the experience.

The developers who would work on these patches have been assigned to other Infinite tasks.brian berryhillNow, Halo Infinite fans are once again drawing the attention of 343 Industries through a Reddit post mentioning a few sync errors which, as you can see in the video posted by user Skeeter_206, makes some hits not register. Fortunately, it seems that the developers are aware of this problem, but they can’t fix it right now.

“The long explanation is that the developers who would work on these patches have been assigned to other tasks from Infinite,” replies Brian Berryhill, known as 343_Taxi on Reddit. “His work has had some benefits on our UCN solution, especially around moving things (players, vehicles, etc.) in devices (elevators, pistons, bridges, etc. .), but not around melee and ‘around the wall’ shots. These devs will be returning to Sandbox soon (hopefully).”

Of course, Halo Infinite continues to refine many details of both its multiplayer experience and its main campaign. 343 Industries has already shared a roadmap for 2022 that includes a new seasonThe mode Forging and the expected cooperativewhich plans to start with its first tests next July.

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