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Gabriela Rivero She is one of the most important and influential actresses in mexican televisionparticipating in various productions in cinema, theater and as a presenter of shows.

Although she has participated in a large number of productions, the veteran actress is well remembered for giving life to the tender “Master Jimena” in the remembered “Carousel of the Americas” from 1992.

In recent years, Gaby, as her friends call her, has resumed her role as an actress, which she abandoned in 2013, and has joined the cast of “overcome the past” Y “divided love”.

Gaby Rivero is remembered for playing the "Master Jimena" (Photo: Gaby Rivero / Instagram)
Gaby Rivero is remembered for playing “Maestra Jimena” (Photo: Gaby Rivero / Instagram)


Gaby was featured in “The minute that changed my life”, where he revealed details of his professional life and his return to the screens, where he included the anecdote he lived with the consecrated Sylvester Stallone.

When she was 16 years old, a teenage Gabriela was sad about her boyfriend’s departure to Wisconsin to study, when she found out about the arrival of the American actor in Mexico City, so she decided to meet him.

He was being interviewed by Jacobo Zabludovsky, who was my teacher at the time because he taught me newscasts. So I said: ‘I’ll grab the car and I’m going to Televisa Chapultepec to introduce him to me’, he wasn’t going to give me time because it was live, so I started looking in the newspaper and saw that there was a race where he was going to reward the winner in Chapultepec, I said: ‘that place is not suitable’”, commented Gaby Rivero.

Gaby Rivero told how he managed to meet Sylvester Stallone (Photo: Gaby Rivero / Facebook)
Gaby Rivero told how he managed to meet Sylvester Stallone (Photo: Gaby Rivero / Facebook)

As he revealed, he wantedtalk to him at least”, since it was his reference for the Rocky movie saga, and that was how he found out that he would give a press conference at the “El camino real” hotel in Anzures.

With the help of her sister, who knew English better, Gaby got into the conference and posed as a journalist and manager. That is how they entered with a Polaroid camera, being confused by the actor, who thought it was a representative of Televisa.

I went in and when I saw him, I don’t know how he saw me, but my heart made me like that (impressed gesture). He saw me and sent the bodyguard to tell me if I wanted to eat with him… We went up to a suite that he had and we were going to eat at Le Fouquet’s, which is a restaurant that has private rooms on El Camino Real.“, revealed.

However, the tape did not take place, as the actor’s fans invaded the corridors and knocked on the door to meet him. “He got hysterical and said never be famous, that your world was reduced to four walls, very angry. And he asked for room service, there we were with my sister, the secretary and yes, I kissed him”, He commented between laughs.

She kisses very well, highly recommended, with everything and her crooked mouth, yes because she had paralysis. Notice that he told me if it rained he wouldn’t leave because he is terrified of the plane when it rains and then as there was a tremendous storm that afternoon he told me: ‘if it keeps raining I’m not going to leave, but if it doesn’t rain I’ll come back’ and I asked him to Tláloc that it rained to see him again, but he did return”, he sentenced.

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