Did Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Secretly Marry?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck one of the couples who reminded us of the importance of second chances, possibly already said ‘yes, I do’ and here we tell you what has been said about it.

According to an international media, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck They have already united their lives in marriage, in an intimate and private ceremony.

Did Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Secretly Marry?

After having a relationship in which they were engaged, then separated for a long time and now together again building a beautiful love story, Ben and J.Lo They are one of our FAVORITE couples, because they have shown us that when they are the right person, no matter how many years pass, you can always reconnect with that love and live what you dreamed of by their side.

After getting engaged for the second time Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck could finally be husband and wife.

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Well they say that where there was love… ashes remain and that is confirmed J.Lo and Ben, who despite having been separated for more than a decade, came back and got engaged for the second time.

According to information from the Spanish magazine Cuore, Lopez and Ben finally joined their lives in a small private ceremony the second weekend of June at the Ritz-Reynolds hotel on Lake Oconee in Georgia. Although neither of them has so far revealed, denied or accepted anything about the alleged wedding, the publication assures that the workers of the place and the guests signed a confidentiality agreement that prohibits them from talking about the subject.

But although supposedly the subject cannot be discussed, it is said that guests outside the wedding ceremony witnessed the romantic event and they have been the ones who have leaked the information, of course anonymously.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck star in one of the fan favorite romances.

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Without knowing who the possible guests at the alleged secret wedding were, or having images to prove it, we hope to have information about them very soon. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck that if they actually got married, surely very soon they will have a second, more public ceremony for their fans who have been following their relationship for years.

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