Chris Pratt responds to criticism for comment about his son

Chris Pratt broke the silence about the controversy he had a few months ago over an alleged comment about his son. The actor, who recently became a father again, received criticism after his followers accused him of ser cruel about his firstborn.

However, the star Jurassic World Dominion He claims it was taken completely out of context. In addition, he points out that the harsh comments hit him hard and left him in tears after reading them.

What happened to Chris Pratt?

A few weeks ago, Chris Pratt reported the birth of his daughter and shared his happiness with his followers. “Find someone who sees you that way. We met at church. She has given me an amazing life and a beautiful healthy daughter.” wrote the actor about his wife and daughter.

However, many took it as a cruel comment. This, because it is known that Chris Pratt’s first child, who was born from his relationship with Ana Faris, has faced serious health problems and has mobility problems after suffering a brain hemorrhage.

Chris Pratt on Instagram
Chris Pratt on Instagram

Now, Pratt talked to Men’s Health and denied that it was a comment against the health of his son. “My son is going to read that one day. He’s nine years old. It’s etched in the digital stone. It bothered me too much. It made me cry.”assured the actor.

“I hate that these blessings in my life are, for the people closest to me, a real burden”Chris Pratt continued. After all, the interpreter has a complex relationship with social networks, divided between those who love him and hate him.

Chris Pratt for Men's Health
Chris Pratt for Men’s Health

In fact, a while ago fans campaigned to get him out of Guardians of the Galaxy, for his alleged affinity to a homophobic church. However, director James Gunn assured that he would never do the film without him in the cast.

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