Chris Pratt broke the silence after an unfortunate phrase about his son


In 2021 Chris Pratt released an unfortunate phrase about his son’s illness and now broke the silence. This is how the actor reacted to criticism.

Chris Pratt talked about his son, Jack.
© GettyChris Pratt talked about his son, Jack.

Chris Pratt is one of the most recognized and beloved actors in Hollywood who triumphs in Guardians of the Galaxy and in different productions, but in November 2021 he was involved in a great scandal. This is because, despite the fact that he always tries to keep his life private, last year he made a post through his Instagram account that generated completely negative comments among his followers.

In order to thank his wife, katherine schwarzeneggerthe love they have, Chris Pratt He shared a photo with her and dedicated a message to her that started well, but ended up being controversial. “Find someone who looks at you like that. Do you know? We met at church. She is giving me a wonderful life and a beautiful and healthy daughter.”wrote the actor.

The phrase “healthy daughter” generated different comments since in his first marriage with Anna Faris, Chris Pratt He had a son named Jack who was born premature and cognitively impaired. And now, for the first time, the protagonist of Guardians of the Galaxy He spoke about what the repercussions of that publication generated in him and his family. “I said something like: ‘find someone who looks at you like her’ and then I criticized her and then said: ‘but I love you. I am very grateful for my wife, she gave me a beautiful and healthy daughter.”, the actor began explaining before Men’s Health.

Then he added: “After that a bunch of articles came out saying, ‘That’s so embarrassing. I can not believe that Chris Pratt thankful for her healthy daughter when the son from her first marriage was born premature. That’s a hint for his ex-wife. And I was like: ‘this is so fucked up’”. However, he later made a harsh confession about how this affected him and his life in general.

My son will read this one day. He has nine years. And it is engraved in a digital stone. It really pisses me off a lot, man. I cried because of this. I was like: ‘I hate that the wishes of my life for the people who are close to me are a burden’”, he expresses to close. Without a doubt, with this the actor makes it clear that, although his phrase was unfortunate, he was also taken out of context and he loves his children equally.

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