Chris Hemsworth Reveals His Best Food Habit

    When you think of Hollywood fitness figures, The Rock or Chris Hemsworth probably come to mind. The latter premieres the new of the saga Thor: Love and Thunder on July 8, and we can’t help but wonder what Hemsworth eats to achieve such a perfect, muscular body.

    The actor has always been fit, but his diet has changed from movie to movie. And now, at 38, Hemsworth has an eating habit that he always sticks to. In an interview for Wired, the interpreter reveals: “I eat a lot of protein, but also a lot of vegetables.” According to his chef and nutritional advisor Sergio Perera, a typical dinner for Hemsworth would be grilled white fish with mushrooms and raw broccoli salad or grilled mahi-mahi with asparagus, roasted tomato and plain Caesar salad.

    Look at what is missing from this meal: carbohydrates. The actor is not a lover of carbohydrates in his diet. “I don’t eat a lot of carbs really. I think my body responds better to lean protein and healthy fats and vegetables.” (The 50 foods with more carbohydrates in your diet).

    But something you may not know about Hemsworth is that he loves desserts and fast food. “Like almost everyone, I have a sweet tooth. I have a passion for pizza, hamburgers, ice cream…”.

    Chris Hemsworth’s 80-20 Diet Rule

    So… how does Hemsworth stay consistent and with his perfect abs every time? The main secret of his diet is that he eats healthy most of the time, but he also treats himself one day a week with a good cheat meal. “I do the 80-20 rule… Healthy food is 80 percent healthy food and 20 percent junk food, so to speak.” (The 50 foods with more protein to include in your diet).

    There are more stars who follow the 80-20 rule, like Blake Lively and Kate Moss, as it’s a great way to achieve healthy eating goals.

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