Carmen Farala and Sharonne, winners of Drag Race Spain: “There are still young people who do not accept them for who they are, that is why the visibility of this art that is still precarious and reviled is necessary”

Today an artist is required to sing, dance, act and pull out any skill that allows us to have a good time and escape from harsh reality for a moment. We want to travel to a fictional illusion in an unprecedented exercise in selfishness that increased during the pandemic. The 360 ​​artist, as multidisciplinary talent is now popularly called, is what is required, and it is precisely where they fit perfectly carmen farala Y Sharonne. With 15 years of career the first and more than 28 the second, both decided to leave their lives parked temporarily to embark on Drag Race Spainin Atresplayer Premium, the Spanish edition and the best value in the world of one of the talent shows most awarded internationally: RuPaul’s Drag Race.

“I had been working with the Hermanas Farala group for 12 years, and that allowed me to acquire skills in costumes, hairdressing, makeup…, but it was very hard work and, after so much time, quite monotonous. I felt like I had already done it all. We were in the best clubs, the best stages, the best parties… And Just when I was going to close the door, he appeared drag racingFarala says., crowned Spanish Drag Superstar in the first edition of the format. “Going through the program has been reconciling me a little with drag, because they were new challenges, new adventures and it gave me back the illusion for this art.”

A veteran queen who a year later, and after a monumental tour of Latin America, has transferred her crown to Sharonnewho was about to discard the program: “I was not very clear about casting for the second season, because in the first one they were all very young”, he explains. “However, they opened up the spectrum of diversity, also in terms of age, and I thought it could be a window for them to learn more about what I do.” What he modestly refers to, what he does, is cinema, television, theater and live shows all over the worldwhen not winning awards on prime-time television shows like Your face doesn’t sound familiar to me yet, where he masterfully imitated Olga Guillot or Chavela Vargas. A leap into the void of one of the great icons of the Spanish drag scene that has finished its edition, apart from with the crown, with two historical milestones for the franchise at an international level: that of better track record of all the participants in the world and that of oldest winner at 46 years old. “I had a career and perhaps I have excelled at something on time, but not even that I was Meryl Streep!” She explains with a laugh. “When you enter, logically you are going to give your best and win, but when I saw the talent of my teammates I thought ‘this is going to be very hard, so be content with having entered’. When you reach the final, the same thought of conformism assails you. And then you see yourself with the crown… What was really surprising for me was when I finished and they told me that I had the best international result among all the franchises. And she continues: “I’m into partying, I don’t like to stay on the couch, I’m a hustler. As difficult as this profession is, you can’t stay at home waiting for someone to call you, because no one is going to do it no matter how good you are. This profession is ephemeral, one day you are on tour with a musical – he spent two years in The Hole– and you wear the crown and the next the fable ends and you have to go back to acting in a restaurant because you don’t have a job, and my rings have never fallen off”.

Fendi tunic dress. Gloves Gloves Varadé.

Fabio Encinar puffed dress. Gloves Gloves Varadé. Vintage shoes and bracelet.

Drag Race Spain

For a month and a half, the participating queens are isolated to record the program in absolute secrecy. But before that, they must pass the pre-selection: “I knew what the format consisted of and I knew some of the American participants through social networks, but I had never seen it and much less did I consider introducing myself, but when it came Drag Race Spain things changed”, confesses Carmen Farala. “What was always clear to me was that I would only submit to the first edition. If I was not selected, I would not apply to the following”. A bet on a single trick in which she emerged victorious. “My best strategy was not having a strategy, I think that not knowing 100% of the program is what helped me to be completely authentic, people were able to know what I am like and I was also able to fully enjoy and experience the contest.”

A different experience than Sharonne: “I had seen all the seasons of the US version and knew exactly how the show worked. What worked in my favor was, on the one hand, that I’m not afraid of anything, I’m quite shameless. On the other hand, I think age gives me a temper to do things without rushing and in the right measure”, she says reflectively. “Beyond the talent you may have, it is important that you play all the suits, because after all they are looking for the most complete person. Nor can we fully trust experience, because we can all have a bad day, slip up and get sent home, both in competitions and in life. The important thing is to get up, use your talent and move forward”.

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