Carlos Vela preferred to return to Europe rather than play in the Liga MXMediotiempo

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Carlos candle He recently renewed his contract with Los Angeles FC until 2023, but during that period of negotiation there were Mexican teams that approached him to play for the first time in Liga MXsomething that was always ruled out for the Mexican striker, who preferred to return to Europe rather than Mexico.

“I had an offer and I talked to some teams but my option was to continue here and If that didn’t happen, I would look at the European option, which was my second option.but there were Mexican teams and They weren’t top choices. I had for my career”, said the attacker at a press conference.

The Bomber explained that the negotiations were always positive between LAFC and him, although he added that as in any negotiation there were points in which they did not agree and both parties had to yield in various terms.

“As in any negotiation, there are things but deep down we both wanted the same thing and it was just to polish the details, but in the end this is a business, they could find another player and I another here; That’s life, no one dies here but we all wanted the same thing. in the end it came and I am happy to continue defending this team”.

On the other hand, Vela pointed out that the arrivals of Chiellini and Bale will be essential to win the MLS title: “Now there is that cherry on the cake that makes us all excited because it gives us a greater opportunity to be champions and it is a pressure that we must knowing how to get there”.

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