Ben Affleck’s youngest son crashes a Lamborghini

A children’s mischief could have cost actor Ben Affleck dearly, after during a family outing with JLo and his son Samuel, the boy starred in a car crash.

The events happened last Sunday in Los Angeles, California; when the protagonist of “Daredevil” visited a luxury car dealership, however; Ben put the little boy in the driver’s seat to start familiarizing himself with the cars.

According to information shared by “TMZ”, until now it is not known if the car was on, but in an oversight the 10-year-old boy backed up, hitting a parked BMW truck.

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Father and son immediately ran to see the damage caused; Fortunately, for Affleck, nothing really serious happened, so he was able to negotiate with the employees of the place,

Despite the incident, the couple did not leave the dealership, on the contrary, they were seen inspecting other models, yes, all the time hugging and taking care that Samuel only saw them from the outside.

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