Ben Affleck speaks out after the crash of his 10-year-old son with a Lamborghini


Little Samuel turned a quiet family afternoon into a scare for which there has been no serious damage.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, in a recent image.
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, in a recent image.GTRES
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Ben Affleck, his son Samuel and Jennifer Lopez have been turned into a small accident in a luxury car dealer in the city of Los Angeles. Last weekend they decided to go to 777 Exotics to see a new model, who knows if thinking of Increase your fleet of vehicles. Everything seemed to be calm, until the renowned actor wanted the little one to 10 years sat in the driver’s seat of a spectacular yellow Lamborghini.

Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s son starred in a mischief that ended in shock: He put the gear in reverse, stepped on the accelerator and slammed into a white BMW. who had parked just behind, according to TMZ, a communication portal specializing in celebrity information. In the photos that appeared on social networks, it can be seen how the minor gets out of the vehicle to see the magnitude of the collision, before a few seconds later his father arrives with the singer of On the Floor.

Eyewitnesses have recounted how this incident unfolded: “Ben Affleck was at the dealership to test drive a new car…Sam seemed very interested in exotic cars. Ben let him sit in the driver’s seat of a very expensive Lamborghini, and the car ended up backing up, crashing into another parked car. Batman has been pronounced through a close person who has given his testimony to People and did not hesitate to show his regret: “You could tell that Ben was very sorry to have let Sam sit in the driver’s seat. He seemed upset about it,” he said.

The actor and his son Samuel, hand in hand.
The actor and his son Samuel, hand in hand.GTRES

Fortunately, there was no major damage and no one was harmed, beyond the tremendous scare that all those present took. Little Sam’s prank stayed in a unpleasant anecdote. Aside from that, it has become clear great relationship that the children of Ben Affleck with Jennifer Garner have with Jennifer Lopez.

It is also increasingly common that Max and Emme, the children of the singer and Marc Anthony, spend time with their mother’s current partner. Through the social networks, the good harmony that everyone has has been seen.

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