“Your IG followers are fake”

Dan Bilzerian

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    They are two of the most muscular and popular men on Instagram, but it seems that Dan Bilzerian has fallen for Dwayne The Rock Johnson on account of his number of followers on social networks. He accuses him of having fake followers on IG.

    Bilzerian bases his accusation by comparing the impact of his Instagram stories and posts to those of The Rock, the highest-paid actor in Hollywood, by the way. Despite the fact that the actor has almost 10 times more followers than the businessman and poker player (324 million vs. 32.8 million) and posts much more frequently than Bilzerian, Bilzerian’s videos consistently achieve more than 10 times the views from The Rock.

    As Bilzerian himself comments, “that’s a bit weird.” And he suggests that The Rock could have a lot of fake bots and profiles, or at least a less loyal following than his. Or maybe it’s because the businessman often posts photos and videos accompanied by attractive women and The Rock of his workouts at his Iron Paradise gym.

    This is not the first time Dan Bilzerian has tried to provoke The Rock. Late last year, the poker player criticized the Hollywood superstar’s physique during a guest appearance on the More Plates More Dates podcast. “Obviously he’s on steroids… Also, it’s not healthy to maintain that level of muscle mass. He’s the highest paid actor in the world, although I don’t think he’s the best actor…” What do you think of these controversies?

    Dan Bilzerian

    dan bilzerian

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