Watch out! The Fortnite Collider has arrived with an exploit that can ruin your game

We are at that sweet point in time that occurs in many seasons of Fortnite in which there are just the right amount of days left so that Epic Games start dropping the occasional teaser about the game’s upcoming endgame event. And it is that, in this particular case, it would have to do with The Collider, the new map area that arrived in the game yesterday with its 20.40 update.

However, the latter has reached the island of Fortnite with a side effect: it has an exploit that can completely screw up a game if you are playing in the new no-build mode. I leave you with all the details of this glitch below so you know how to avoid it in the future:

  • The exploit in question was discovered by the Ninja in one of his recent Twitch broadcasts
  • When fighting against two other rivals, observed how these went underground in one of the turbines in The Collider
  • This means that the collision engine of Fortnite is broken right in that area, allowing a player to cross the boundaries of the map
  • If we are playing in no build mode, we will not be able to break the wall of the turbine, but they will be able to shoot us from inside
  • Then I leave you with the clip ShyperPK where you can see this glitch perfectly

Taking into account that we are facing an error that can alter the balance offered Fortnite at the playable level, I would not be surprised if Epic Games will fix it in a surprise update in the next few days. I will keep you informed with any news that comes to light.

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