This was Megan Fox’s last movie and the reason she left Hollywood

It has been many weeks since the name of Megan Fox resounds with force in the web portals. Because of her work, her love relationships or because of her beauty that she wears daily on social networks or at the best events in the world. Already retired from Hollywood cinema and away from the big film industry, the actress continues with her life.

If there is something for which we remember Megan fox It’s because of how she captivated the world with her beauty in the first installment of the Transformers movies. In this production, she gave life to Mikaela Banes, who ended up giving her worldwide recognition.

Megan Fox was the star of Transformers.

From then on, everything seemed to indicate that the career of Megan fox It was going to go up until it reached unforeseen levels. However, a series of circumstances that occurred years later, the now 36-year-old actress, will stay halfway.

Megan fox She was fired from Transformers after accusing director Michael Bay of being abusive. Immediately afterwards, the production pushed her aside and then Megan began to move further and further away from Hollywood and the big projects. Added to this episode, all the criticism received from her and the pressure from the Hollywood world led her to have what, in her words, was “a psychological collapse” and an almost certain exit from the industry.

Megan Fox posing. Source: Instagram.

From 2009 onwards, Megan fox He moved away from what was a resounding success in his career, but since then he has added some appearances in films such as A Canine Mind (2020), Until Death (2021) and Midnight on Switchgrass, a film in which he shares a cast with Bruce Willis and also with Machine Gun Kelly, his current partner.

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