This is the house of Khloé Kardashian in Hidden Hills

Khloé Kardashian can boast of living in one of the most expensive residences in California, as her new property has a price of 37 million dollars and it is “the mansion of her dreams”, as she herself describes it.

It is located in Hidden Hills, one of the most exclusive sectors of the state and that has a first level security against intruders, this is where the sister of Kim and Kourtney He decided to live with his mother, who lives on the neighboring property.

According to information from the real estate market, the mansion has an extension of almost 5 thousand 500 meters, it also has eight bedrooms, 9 full bathrooms and a half bathroom, kitchen, dining room, living room and main room.

Khloé’s amenities include a bar, wine cellar, office, movie theater, gym, eight-car garage and even a guest house for her guests who require more privacy.

However, while this all seems like a dream home to anyone, once Kim and Kourtney’s sister showed off part of her home his followers did not like the result of the decoration of his home, ensuring that he does not prove the millions in his bank account.

And although the criticism has been constant, the truth is that Khloé is very happy with the result. She chose to create a calm environment with neutral colors on her walls, floorboards and some marble details to create small contrasts as in the kitchen area where it has a luxurious central table.

In the kitchen it also has a cupboard very similar to the one we see in supermarket aisles, with all the products on display for a better choice of food.

As for the master bedroom where Khloé sleeps, is decorated with gray and white furniture and very interesting lighting that gives it a very original touch. It also has a dressing room that is the size of a room where you can create all your outfits.

Khloé intended to live in this residence with her ex Tristan Thompsonwith whom he has had an intermittent relationship since 2016, however since the basketball player confessed to him that he had a child with another woman all the love was running out, now it is said that the Kardashian Jenner clan businesswoman is dating someone else.

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