This is how Alma, Laura Ubfal’s daughter, is today: she is 27 years old and dreams of…

Alma Gandini She is the daughter of the controversial entertainment journalist Laura Ufalis 27 years old and already has a rising career as an actress, so much so that a few weeks ago she announced that she would be part of ATAV2.

“Happy to be part of this incredible project with this cast,” Alma wrote on her Instagram account, accompanying the message with a group photo of the actors from Argentina, Tierra de Amor y Venganza.

The daughter of Laura Ufal He was already in hits like Graduados, La Pelu, Señales and El Marginal. And today she continues to search for her to continue growing as an actress.

Soul Gandini.

About his relationship with his mother, one of the most controversial entertainment journalists in the medium, Soul commented, “I must be the only one she’s good to. She gives me advice, but she does not criticize me and she always supported me in this”.

She also added: “When I told her that I wanted to be an actress, she liked the idea, she is happy, but she knows that it is a difficult career. She always told me that I had to be patient and know how to choose”.

When choosing references as actresses, Soul mentions meryl streepa juliet diaz Already You deserve Moran. Also, if he had to choose an actor to be his partner in a strip, he has no doubt that it would be Johnny Depp either Thomas Fonz. “Dreaming is free,” she said.

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