The tragic love story of Meryl Streep: she saw her ex-boyfriend die very young

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meryl streep She is one of the most talented, recognized and multifaceted actresses in the film industry. She is one of the favorites Hollywoodwithout a doubt, because in addition to being required in many papers, At 73, she is the woman with the most Oscar and Golden Globe nominations.

She is one of the most discreet celebrities with her private life, she has a solid marriage with the sculptor Don Gummer since 1978 and she enjoys her children Louisa, Mamie, Henry Wolfe and Grace who already have their own families and have created a circle full of love for everyone.

But before this fairy tale she suffered a tragedy that was very difficult to overcome. Before meeting her husband, she dated actor John Cazale. His best-known role was that of Fredo Corleone in “The Godfather.” They met while starring in the play “Measure for Measure” in 1976.

It was a love of young people: intense and magical; however, it did not last long. Meryl Streep decided to take a very important step in their relationship, she moved into her boyfriend’s apartment in Manhattan. A few months after sharing a home, he was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. Their lives changed completely and that’s where the nightmare began.

March 12, 1978 was a day that marked the life of Meryl Streep. They were already in the hospital with her boyfriend, who was very seriously ill. She closed her eyes, the actress was not ready to be without him and she desperately began to beat her chest and cry uncontrollably. At that moment John weakly opened his eyes and very frailly whispered “It’s okay, Meryl, everything is fine…”and “it’s gone,” said the doctor.

Weeks after Cazale’s tragic death and of course with terrible and heavy sadness, Streep, her brother and a friend of his helped her collect the things she had in the apartment she shared with her boyfriend. Meryl had seen her brother’s friend, the sculptor Don Gummer, only a couple of times. He lived a few blocks from the place. They finally fell in love and walked down the aisle to be together for life.

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