The Russo Brothers Want Chris Evans Returning To The MCU To Bring This Iconic Superhero To Life

If there is an actor who seems to have it in his blood to give life to a superhero, that is Chris Evans. When he was barely in his twenties he already gave life to Johnny Stormbetter known as the Human Torch in The Fantastic Four. Although the result of this was not quite as expected, the actor returned to assume a Marvel role, nothing less than with one of the most iconic characters in comics and managing to make his detractors forget his interpretation of him as the burning hero.

Because yes, Chris Evans’s Human Torch probably wasn’t that bad, but certainly not as good as his Captain America. Since he debuted with Captain America the First Avenger until its endearing and precious end in Avengers: Endgame, Evans has proudly worn the Cap shield and has won the hearts of millions of fans, including the directors he has worked with. Among them the Russo brothers, who now propose the actor of Not another stupid American movie as a candidate to give life to another iconic superhero. Or maybe we should say mutant.

That’s right, the directors of Avengers: Infinity War have suggested that Chris Evans would be a perfect candidate to bring to life Wolverinenow that it seems Hugh Jackman is out of the game and the character needs a renewal in order to make his grand entrance into the MCU. A new and radical change of registration but that could happen seeing Evans’ ability to readapt.

“Evans has incredible range and a great physique, and he’s really good at body control. He’s an amazing actor. I don’t mean that in a bad way, but he’s nothing like Captain America. Steve Rogers is very controlled and quiet, low key, Chris is energetic, funny and charismatic and brings a lot of energy to the set. I would love to see him do something like Wolverine“Joe Russo commented in a recent interview.

Ironically, this isn’t the first time (and probably not the last) that Evans has sounded like he’s coming back to the MCU. The actor himself recently expressed his desire to bring the Human Torch back to life in case it came back, as he believes that justice has not yet been done to the character. Meanwhile, Evans gets to play Agent Lloyd Hansen and hunt down Ryan Gosling in the unseen agent, tape in which he has returned to work with the Russo brothers and that will arrive on Netflix on next july 22.

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