The passion for cinema is found again in Cibeles

the summer cinema CenterCenterknown as “Cibeles of Cinema”, opens its billboard for the summer, with a magnificent repertoire of films that can be viewed at the Madrid Crystal Gallery. The programming will be made up of a wide variety of films in the original version with subtitles, among which we find various classics, cult films and the main hits of the year.

The film that will open this film cycle will be Cabaret, Bob Fosse’s classic musical set in Nazi Germany, and shown as one of the most important musicals in the history of cinema. The programming will also feature other great classics from the film scene, such as the masterpiece The Godfatherconsidered by many the best film in history, Holidays in Rome either cinema Paradiso. A very Italian classic cycle.

The most notorious premieres of the year will also pass through the CentroCentro screen, such as the remake of the famous musical west side story, directed by Steven Spielberg, the sequel to Top Gun: Idols of the air, 30 years later, with Tom Cruise starring Top Gun: Maverickthe Japanese Drive My Carapplauded by all critics or the new film by the leading director of Italian cinema, Paulo Sorrentino, It was the hand of God.

Spanish cinema also has its place in the programming of “Cibeles de Cine”, how could it be otherwise. The winner of the Berlin Golden Bear, Alcarras, by Carla Simón, the debut feature by Alauda Ruíz de Azúa, five wolveswhich is an ode to the family, or the new exhibition by Javier Bardem in the good bosswinner of the Goya for best film, are part of the festival billboard.

Saturdays are designed for the whole family to go to the cinema, so the films will be shown in a dubbed version. Within this cycle aimed at all types of public are, The Princess Bride, Shrek or one of the most anticipated animation releases of the year, Lightyear.

There will be several special events, always related to the cinematographic world, such as the cycle Sensacine presentstalks with the artistic teams of the films or collaborations with cultural projects such as Dog Afternoon, Time for Worship, Another Way Film Festival either Pedro Zerolo Cinemathequein addition to humorous talks with Santi Alverú, Iggy Rubín and Paula Púa.

As a complement to the movie listings, attendees will also be able to enjoy an aerial exhibition produced by Synthesis Digital Lab. A selection of large-format pop-style cinematographic portraits painted by the Madrilenian Coco Davezmultidisciplinary artist who develops his artistic universe through painting, photography, illustration or art direction, where bright and striking colors are the common thread.

Cinema Cibeles begins this month of June, specifically on the 29th, and will be present at CentroCentro until September 8. The projections will start at 10:00 p.m., although from 8:00 p.m. you can enjoy the Bar & Lounge area, a space decorated with movie props that was present in relevant filming in the history of cinematography.

Regarding the space where the films are projected, it should be said that the stalls of the Crystal Gallery are made up of 700 chairs with cushions, and the image and sound are of high quality thanks to the screen that offers a high-definition image and wireless headphones that allow perfect listening to the film.


Price: €6

Place: Crystal Gallery of the CentroCentro Space

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