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There can often be a stigma attached to people who frequently gamble in casinos or who are fans of gambling. Certainly, there are some dangerous practices that can lead to gambling or problem gambling, but in general, this is an activity that can provide great entertainment and is much more common than it seems.

It is for this reason that, among the great stars of entertainment that we know, there are some celebrities who are big fans of games of chance and who are seen quite often in casinos. Just as there are also stars who are really very good poker players, for example.

Rafael Nadal

This Spanish tennis player considered one of the best of all time and, without a doubt, the best of the last decades, is not only good on clay, but also has very good skills to play poker. As is well known, this card game requires great concentration and mental ability, which are highly valued skills in tennis, too.

Another medium in which players can find very good poker tables is, for example, in an online casino. If they have enough skill and luck, they can achieve excellent results in a short period of time, against very good level players.

Neymar Jr

Within the world of high-profile sports, this PSG striker can also be found among big poker and gaming fans. Initially, Neymar stated that he began playing in a more recreational and amateur way, because this game attracted his attention.

However, when he began to have more success and showed good playing skills, he decided to take advice from a professional player, André Akkari, to improve his results. In this way, he was able to win several tournaments and, nowadays, he has a much more competitive gaming profile, which he puts to the test in many of the most important tables around the world.

Matt Damon

This American actor is a great poker and blackjack player. Initially, his knowledge of the game began with the preparation for a role in the film Rounders. In order to be able to play this role correctly, Matt consulted professional gamer Johny Chan, who is one of the best in the world.

From then on, Matt found a much more aggressive and open personal style of play, which gave him more confidence to play professional tables in high end casinos. While it is not known what he does with his winnings, he has a notorious interest in higher paying casinos that offer competitive tables.

Brad Pitt

This actor has a similar story to Matt Damon. According to his own words, he had never gambled before until he had to prepare to play his role in the movie Ocean’s 11. From then on, he acquired a passion for poker, blackjack and also slot machines.

Although these big stars generally prefer to play in the big casinos in Las Vegas or major cities like Monaco, there are also those who may prefer a online casino. As for ordinary players, you may not be likely to come across someone famous every day, but you might be lucky enough to get to see some of these stars and many more in a casino.

Gerardo Sofovich

This renowned producer and TV host was a VIP player in the casino complexes of Punta del Este, in Uruguay. According to what is said, one of his most notable cabals was that he always liked to sit down to eat at table 305 of the Las Brisas restaurant, which always reserved that place for him.

Estimated amounts spent by these VIP players included bets ranging from $20,000 to $5,000,000. It is for this reason that the casinos and hotels of this city entertained them like true kings.

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